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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hey Everyone! :) Just wanted to update you all! I have made a slight change in my blogspot name..

The old link was:

The NEW Link Is:

I figured - at least it'll match my Youtube Channel... Althought My New twitter - the name wouldn't fit LOL!

Please follow my twitter:

:) I'm not quite sure what video i'll do next - but i'll have a new one soon! I'm excited!

Anywho - Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday Afternoon! Hope you all had an awesome weekend too! I know the work week is starting and everyone is dreading tomorrow (back to work for most).. but i'm excited - because I Get to go to the Gym, this time - i'm training my brother's girlfriend Karen! (Hi Karen!) lol..

anyway i'm excited! I want to let you ALL know how serious i'm about to get with workin' on my fitness! So I hope you'll all support me through my journey to fabulous! lol..

<3 Khristine

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