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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"You look like a Doll!"

So lately, I had been obsessing about Asian Beauty products and what not.. Ever since my cousin Hazel had visited us from Japan.. (she had a short stay here in USA before moving to Germany)...

My brother's girlfriend had told me about her Japanese beauty magazines that were filled with amazing/neat things that you wouldn't normally see here in the states. We were all so fascinated with the Asians "dolly/anime" look.. that we saw ways that they would do it, would be a different way they wear eyeliner.

I never saw the magazine myself, and My cousin left before I got the chance to see them.. but I was so intrigued at the thought.. that i searched everywhere on the internet and came across something interesting! after tons of "anime/dolly eye" make up tricks with wearing the liner differently.. or using a lighter color for the water line to make the eyes appear bigger.. i found that they use contact lenses!

i'm sure you're all like huh? what's the big woop-dee-doo about lenses? well.. let me show you!

My co-worker said I looked like a doll and my iris' looked HUGE!

What do you think?

So the difference between regular contact lenses and the Dolly/Circle Lenses are that they are wider or bigger in diameter so it covers more of the iris than the normal contact lens.. and also the outter part of the contact is rimmed black to give the eye the Halo effect, thus giving you a "dolly" eyed look!

After looking at ALL the pictures of these pretty girls with neat eyes (very popular in the Asian countries - Beauty is a BIG thing over there!)! (some were SO natural looking! others not so much) and so i was a bit skeptical ordering them online since you cannot find them in stores! And I was like - what if a look like a total goober LOL.. but I bit the bullet and said what they hey! You only live once! LOL.. so enjoy my photo's.. I randomly snapped them at work while it got slow towards the end of the day.. So excuse my eyes they are a little red (i took them off and on to let my eyes breathe - as your only recommended wearing the lenses for 6-8 hours max)..

I'm going to be doing a little mini review on my youtube channel (will post it here!) So keep an eye out.. I guess i'll wait til my little girls are sleeping so I can record.. they keep either fighting with each other.. or doing silly faces in the background as i'm recording LOL.. so i'll just wait til their sleeping..

I'm excited to show you all! :) I still am going to do my video on my favorite beauty product/item[s] of the week - so keep an eye out for that as well!

Thanks for reading! :) Come back SOON! I'll update this randomly, yet often!

<3 Khristine

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