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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Version of the "Smokey-Eye" Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with everyone, my first video tutorial (and like mentioned in the side bar of my video - many more to come!)

I Decided to do the Smokey-Eyed look, only because it's the most common/used makeup look that i've seen and that i like to do! Plus I did one video a LOOONG time ago, and it didn't look so good LOL! and i was extremely nerdy (even my family made fun of me!)

Anywho, this was a very much requested video tutorial from most of the ladies at my online community/forums called and a few friends/family members.. so I got the courage to do the video!

And of course I wanted to test out the New BH Cosmetics palette that I had purchased and put it to good use.. lol I know of all the colors i decided to use.. was black LOL! If I get another request for a different look or specific colors i'll go ahead and do that! (so if you have a special request - please feel free to ask - just as long as it's not clown makeup LOL no offense!)

So, After using the BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette (120 Palette Edition 2).. I actually really like it! It's very pigmented and you only have to use a little bit.. I could compare them to some of the MAC eyeshadows.. I know I said i'd do a video tutorial (a video of me talking not just pictures like my original/first post).. if you all still would like one, please feel free to let me know! I saved the box, packaging material it came with and everything and would LOVE to do a review - leave a comment!

Here are some more pictures of the look (I know the video doesn't do the colors justice):

Let me know what you think of my tutorial, please, please, PLEASE rate my video and subscribe if you can! I'd really appreciate all the support!

I do want to let you all know that i'm going to be doing tons of things on my blog/youtube channel! like mentioned, makeup tutorials, makeup products/other product reviews, cover songs (cause i loves to sing! - not that i'm good! just a great past time i like to do with my two daughters).. and other random things..

Most likely my Journey to accomplishing my NUMBER 1 (out of like 10) New Years resolution for 2010 which is lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy! So i'll keep you all filled in on the juicyness of it all! so keep up with me!

Thank you all for reading! feel free to comment/follow me/subscribe and spread my page around!

<3 Khristine

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