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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it's only Wednesday?!

*in Snooki's voice* WAHHHHHHH lol..

So it is Hump day.. I had originally blogged this morning LOL while i was trying to get ready for work.. but as you could see i didn't post it cause i was LATE for work LOL! silly ME!

LOL this is what I look like in the morning trying to get ready.. Well this is what I looked like yesterday - i typically shower at night.. and don't blow-dry my hair.. so i wake up looking like a hot mess! LOL.. and I'm not afraid to show it! :)

Let's just say this is why i take so darn long getting ready - because sometimes if i don't pre-organize what i'll wear to work.. im in a rush thinking - hmm should i wear this, am i going to be matching a coworker? (which has happened and totally got made fun of - which was NOT cool to me at all lol)..

LOL yes that is ME (well after brushing my teeth, washing my face and as you can see i've got my scrub top on).. anyhow i obviously fix my hair (flat iron it etc)..

And this is me, after getting ready (well this picture was after work, i was getting ready to do a make-up tutorial on purple smokey-eyes lol but couldn't cause my girls were just screaming and laughing hence no new video - just yet! but stay tuned!)..

Anyhow.. i'm finally home now.. which is such a freaking relief! I'm going to be hitting up the gym with Karen & Derick at 8:30PM for some YRG (Yoga Bootcamp as i'd call it).. The instructor for that class is quirky and awesome and LOUD lol.. but he lost 20lbs from doing the exercises (and of course diet! it's key!).. and i originally lost 15lbs on it as well.. but from the holidays - gained most of it back.. but now i'm back on track.. so far lost 6lbs in the past 3 weeks which is real good! (you should only lose 1-2lbs PER week - that's healthy..) Just know the heavier you are, the more weight you might lose.. just FYI!

You should check the website out! YRG (don't know what it stands for).. but the website is: ..

the workout is quite amazing! it's Yoga with a kick! it really is a cardio workout as well.. so i try to incorporate going to this class when it is my cardio day when i can! Otherwise i stick to my same routine/split! which I'll be going more in detail throughout this fitness journey!

I'm probably going to be uploading those pictures of me before (EWW i'll warn you in advance haha)... and then mid journey.. and then of course show you all my progress.. :) i'm SO excited that i've got a lot of friends/family and of course all my twitter/facebook fans that are cheering me on! So woo HOO

I believe it's very important to have a role model or idol to inspire you!.. for me I have a few.. First would be my husband (awwww i know right? lol) .. but truly he is an inspiration! if any of you have seen his transformation and the dedication he's shown going to the gym.. it truly is inspiring!

secondly, Jennifer Nicole Lee! SHE is HOT HOT HOT! and i hope to one have my body that amazing sometime this year lol

Just for Almon Lol

She's awesome and i love watching her videos on youtube! Can you believe she's a Mommy of 2 kids, just like me!? cool huh?!

And of course I'm my own role model.. :) i must say i've done a great job keeping up my fitness.. I know I had been going back and forth with my weight and going to the gym etc.. but this time - i'm going for the goal! my eye is on the prize - so to speak..

so i hope you'll stay tuned for some awesome workout tips/fitness updates on my end!


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