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Saturday, January 30, 2010

a lot of ground to cover...

Alright Ladies! So let's start with Friday! (even though previous post was talking about Friday LOL)...

So Friday - I decided to do a different, more colorful look (instead of my usual black/brown smokey eye)..

Sorry if it's a bit blurry - i was trying to snap this as quickly as I could before a patient or my co-worker (even supervisor) walked by LOL!

I used the colors from my BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette (2nd edition).. I used a yellowish/gold, a purple, a darker purple/plum and then turquoise.. :) I kinda liked it! minus the lipstick color of choice (i'm normally not a lipstick wearer lol) what do you think?

I had a few girls on my mommy forum ( request a tutorial on this, so I will try my best to get to that tomorrow! I didn't do much after work.. just laundry, cleaning and hanging with my munchkins!

As for This Morning - went to the gym bright and early with Karen & Derick.. was gonna take Tianna to her dance class, but she was so stuffy and coughing, we opted not too.. didn't want her to get more sick or her asthma flare up.. and we didn't want to spread her germies to the other students/parents etc..

So we basically stayed home relaxing most of the day.. well i was cleaning and looking at stuff online as usual lol..

Hubby went to work at 4PM, the girls were still napping.. so i was re-arranging my makeup box (which isn't as full as i'd like it to be - but i'm working on it!).. So later on towards the rest of the day.. dropped the girls off at my parents house...well ended up bringing Tianna cause she begged and pleaded and I gave in lol.. I swear my girls have turned me into a big ol softie!

anywho.. I went to Glendale Galleria and bought myself 3 lipsticks and 1 lipglass, also went to sephora to purchase Make Up For ever HD foundation and Powder.. so i'm SUPER excited to show you all!

i'm going to be taking pictures and a new FOTD (i think i could get used to that).. and show you all what i've got.. hrmph.. maybe a good idea someone mentioned was to do my very first Video Haul! lol.. i'm such a geek.. but we'll see! :)

Alrighty folks - hear from me tomorrow! :) i'm excited!

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