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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday! lol

Hello Everyone! Hope your Monday went swell!

Karen and I missed the gym at 530AM.. so we opted to go there at 10:30PM to get our sexiness on! this is my journey back to pre-pregnancy! hopefully back to my highschool days when I had just met my boyfriend (who is now my Husband)..

i've went through such a change physically and emotionally.. and never did have my head in the right place until a few weeks ago.. I've been exercising and going to the gym for almost a year now.. although it was sporadic.. i'd go.. but i'm determind this time around with YOUR help!

i'll be blogging about my fitness journey.. and i'm hoping my fans/friends and definitely my family will be by my side - watching my video blogs etc and just rooting me to go all the way! I believe it's very important to have that kind of support when doing this extremely challenging journey.. I already know it's not going to be easy - it's going to be real hard.. but it'll be worth it in the end.. just exactly how each of my pregnancies were.. Now i have 2 amazing little girls whom i wouldn't trade for anything in this world :)

so i'm going to be brave and find some before pics.. and show you all what i look like now! :) and i'm still under construction as you'd call it lol..

but i'm looking forward to you all watching and joining my journey and cheering me on! :) wow i'm excited!! :)

let me know what you all think!

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