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Thursday, January 28, 2010


YAY TGIF! yes yes yes! :)

(well technically i've got 30 minutes until it's "officially" Friday! but i'm just glad this week is finally over! It's been a stressful one indeed..

I am proud of myself for hashin' it out at the gym though.. I've officially remolded my gym schedule to fit Karen and I going together.. so.. it kinda looks like this:

Sunday - Gym 7AM
Monday - Gym 10:30PM
Tuesday - OFF DAY
Wednesday - Gym (YRG CLASS) 8:30PM
Thursday - OFF DAY
Friday - 5:30AM (for ME since Karen is going to her other dance class Friday evening)
Saturday - GYM 7AM

So i'm pretty happy about this.. :) I think it is important (and kind of nice) to have a buddy to workout with.. someone to motivate you at the same time inspire you because they try so hard, that it pushes you to try just as hard, if not harder! lol.. but of course it's a great way to get each other motivated to GO to the gym.. which was my biggest problem.. not the gym itself.. but just the getting to the gym lol..

But with this schedule, and me training Karen, i think i'll stick to this schedule.. YOU all have NO idea how excited I am.. i know in a couple of months of hard work at the gym.. we'll see some amazing results! (because unfortunately you will not see results overnight.. and even if you do - it's probably too drastic of a change and you'll gain it all back and some!)..

Remember - when you are at the gym or working out - it's NOT a competition (unless you are seriously training for it).. The person next to you does not care what you are doing.. and i'm sure you don't care what the person/stranger is doing either.. you are there for YOU - well that's how i put it!

i've been so busy with work and my girls and trying to fit in some studying - that i've had NO time to do any video's.. well I did try the other day but it was a complete fail.. LOL.. we'll see if i can edit it at all to be decent.. i'm not the best video editor.. heck i've only edited the video's on my Youtube page lol.. and that was hard enough!

but hopefully with MORE video's will come more video editing!... well hopefully this weekend i'll be able to post something new for yall.. i did get a request on my "everyday" make-up look.. and i thought that was easy enough - so i just might do that..

I am going to be doing a "January Fave Products of the Month".. instead of weekly - cause we all know I cannot keep up haha!

I wanted to let you all know within the next week or so (depending on when i get the products) I'm going to be reviewing some products from two separate companies that had asked me to do a video review - i'm SOOOOOOO freakin excited you have no idea! lol.. so yay! stay tuned for that as well!

ALSO - I had ordered some faux eyelashes like 18 days ago - and they have finally arrived! (doh! reminds me i gotta leave feedback for them on ebay lol).. and i'll have some pictures and show you what they all look like hopefully after work today or even this weekend... ;)

If you have any questions for me - feel free to ask - e-mail etc etc yadda yadda! anywho - it's bedtime for me cause i've got work in the AM!..


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