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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy like it's nobody's business! LOL

Heyyy Everyone!! It feels like ages since my last post! Well i've been super busy with everything that's been going on (can't really say too much though lol since i don't want to get my hopes up if it doesn't end up workin' out!)...

But anyway.. as most of you know, my oldest daughter had been sick for what seemed like eternity after Jasmyn (my youngest daughter) was sick... I was in and outta work bringing them back and forth to doctor visits/urgent care.. but my girls are feeling better... Tianna is still coughing, and this weather is not really helping, but not nearly as bad as she was the past few weeks.. I did manage to find a picture of her while she was doing her breathing treatment.. it's a nebulizer machine and she's such a good sport about it.. she's been doing it for nearly 4 years now (she's been doing this since she was an itty bitty baby lol)

it's her famous "fishy" mask ;) 

and of course had to add one of Jasmyn ;) wouldn't be complete if i didn't.. :) This is her "Cheeeese" smile lol.. I Love this! Please excuse the messy bed/background haha we've been pretty busy/tired lately lol!

I can't remember when it was, but Hubby has joined a basketball league with our friends and so they all decided to have a dinner night out.. and everyone went.. it was hubby and my first time at this place so.. lol.. i got laughed at for getting salad and a wing place haha! but i did have 5 wings! :) 

the salad and the wings i had were alright.. i did have hubby finish my salad lol cause no way in hell i could finish it.. i've been real real real real good lately with sticking to eating until i'm 80% full..and i really would like to keep it like that! 

We didn't stay out too long this night (that i forgot when exactly it was).. because we both had work the next day.. and hubby is still adjusting to his daytime work schedule.. I do remember though after going out for dinner like half-hour later.. Karen, Derick, Almon and myself went to gym! LOL.. I remember we did work out chest and back because we did a few different exercises than our norm.. you know.. just to mix it up and confuse my muscles! lol..

Anywho.. this past weekend we were busy with some events... like Tianna's ballet class saturday, followed by a spontaneous day at disneyland (it was SO spontaneous - i didn't take any pictures!).. the girls absolutely loved it! the fireworks show was indeed cancelled though because of high winds.. i wasnt that sad about it.. considering we were only there for 5 hours and pooped as hell LOL! Sunday had to get up real early to register Tianna for her summer/fall ballet classes..

She's been attending since July 09, and to me i think she's been doing remarkably well! we always go over her memorization with the positions, the moves etc.. but i guess when she's alone with her teacher, she gets really shy and doesn't do them lol.. so her teacher has recommended her to continue the current level she's in so she can advanced perhaps in the fall.. which i was just a bit bummed because right now she is in the same class as her cousin Sabrina (6 months older than her and has been going to ballet a bit longer than her).. and Her cousin is moving up a tiny notch.. but won't be in the same class.. but i think it'll be good - so that way there's no fooling around and hopefully Tianna will be able to break out of her little shell!

I'm very excited as her Ballet recital is this June!! i still have yet to see their costumes.. so i'm really excited! I did want to register Jasmyn for the same class, but they have no more spots for her age range on the dates that i'm available so boo! maybe next time!

Anyway.. I was supposed to film a quick and easy "Spring" look tutorial using some drugstore brand items.. but my day didn't quite pan out the way expected.. which is okay.. but i guess i'll have to postpone it.. and do a different look completely.. lol.. 

Anyway.. I've got a lot of work to do! so I better get to it! :) hope you all are doing well!

oh and just a side note: for those of you who read my twitter the other day (or was it his morning? LOL i don't know anymore).. it's true.. i've lost 14lbs in a span of 2 months.. i did it healthily - no diet pills or crash diets.. all my hard work :) i think it feels better knowing i really worked as hard as i did to get to where i am.. NO i'm not super model skinny and in NO way do I want to be.. i still have another 12-14lbs i'd love to shed off by my birthday (In September).. so i'm just going to keep working harder and harder til i get there! so to those who are on a weightloss journey like myself.. DON'T Give up! there is light at the end of the tunnel! lol.. (sappy)..

okay before i get any more corny.. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

<3 Khristine


  1. I'm so proud of you Cuzzo! Keep up the good work. You're truly a super-mom, and wife! I'm so glad the girls are feeling much better as well. Love and miss you all...


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