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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday & Sunday (pictureless post - sorry!)

So Yesterday was quite an interesting day.. As some of you know, My oldest daughter Khristianna has been sick for quite some time.. I had taken her to see her doctor on Thursday afternoon since my supervisor was kind enough to give me half day (plus My daughter's doctor works at the place I work lol).. 

Well they gave her some oral steroids and her albuterol because of her asthma, coughing and vomiting.. she did have a fever - but the only thing for that is tylenol or motrin and cool compresses/luke warm baths..

Friday was an okay day at work.. It was my first day alone working at Pediatrics and was actually REALLY FUN and Super busy! (made the day go by super quick)

Saturday started by bringing my Mazdaspeed3 to the dealer to get it's 15k service.. and fix the freakin gas cap that I broke off LOL (i'm soo strong! NOT haha).. i dropped it off at 8AM was done at 10AM! while I was home at that time, Hubby, Tianna, Jasmyn and I headed to target.. LOL Yes we got New Moon! so what I had too! lol.. then picked up the car.. 

We then ate lunch at Home Town Buffet at the Plant in Van Nuys - which i absolutely HATED because of how packed it was.. Tianna started coughing/dry heaving towards the end - so we rushed home because I didn't want any accidents.. I wasn't able to go to Michael's as planned (wanted to get magnets for my eyeshadow and blush depotting project i've already started lol)..

So we kind of just chilled at home, gave Tianna her breathing treatments and medications.. and let them kinda nap.. Xtian did go to the gym - I didn't get to go because I was taking care of the girlies.. Plus His parents were having this 2000 Hail Mary prayer at the house and I couldn't attend (even though it was downstairs LOL) because I was trying to keep Jasmyn from being too noisy and Of course tend to Tianna who was coughing like crazy (poor thing :( )...

I really wanted to go to MAC to buy a couple of eyeshadows to complete a few of my palettes since Hubby was so sweet and said I could (even though I totally went over my budget for this month).. but luckily i decided to skip out and stay home with them all :)

A Few hours later I had to give Tianna her breathing treatment again, and she couldn't finish it because she started vomiting.. and what scared me the most was when she was dry heaving (nothing was coming out) and her nose started bleeding! i was LIKE OMG! lol.. yea i was actually terrified because her nose has never bled even when she was hospitalized around this time last year.. I guess because the forcefullness of her cough - it caused some of the tiny vessels in the nose to break (causing the slight nosebleed).. 

but it did subside, but the cough and vomiting did not.. I was really worried (even though I'm a nurse - i don't know everything! and it's real different when it's YOUR child!).. so Hubby and I decided to just take her to urgent care (funny how we both worked there and all our co-workers still remember us - well hubby did just transfer out of there like 2-3 weeks ago after working there for 3.5 years).. 

They had to give Tianna 2 breathing treatments, a stronger oral steroid (which covers her for today too) to help.. then a chest x-ray which was inconveniently across the damn street from the clinic and walk back.. but luckily checked out okay.. 

She was a good sport about it all! she's a trooper and has been through a lot worse.. and even though I know that - i still hate every single time my girls are sick.. we put their toddler beds in our room (which was like omg packed like crazy haha - but they fell asleep without a hitch)..

Sunday was a fabulous morning! I woke up at 6:30AM to get ready for the gym at 7, which Karen and D were supposed to go with me but they decided to go last night (crazies).. and missed this morning with me.. But I did Legs and abs today - real quick workout!

Bulgarian Lunges - 3 sets of 8 repetitions - no weight
Leg Press (on machine) - 3 sets of 8 repetitions - 45lb weight each side of the machine
Straight Leg Dead Lifts - 3 Sets of 8 repetitions - 15lb barbell each hand

Leg Lifts - 3 sets of 30 (omg i just about died doing this)
Crunches - 3 sets of 30

and that was it.. I just wanted to get in and outta there which I did so mission accomplished YAY!

Hubby texted me to stop buy the store to get Original Syrup for the waffles :) and while I was at CVS i did go ahead and buy some stuff for me (SHH!) :) 

Anyway - it's snacktime for the girls - and time for a protein shake for me! So hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

<3 Khristine


  1. Oh goodness... :( I Hope your daughter is OK - all that would definitely worry me to death even though sometimes I feel like I should know better since I'm in healthcare too. ;_; But yes, it definitely is different when it happens to somebody you love dearly.

    I hope she feels better soon and this all passes soon!

    I'm always so amazed at how you can squeeze in workouts between all your busytime! Amazing! :D

  2. One more thing Khristine - tagged you in an award :)


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