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Monday, March 22, 2010

A couple of tags! ;)

Irene was SO sweet to tag me - i'm a bit sickly so i thought i'd finally do the awesome tags/blog awards i was given by Sweetheart Irene! (check out her blog >HERE< if you haven't she's a freakin gorgeous babe!)

For this blog award, I tag:

Irene was also so Kind and sweet to give me this award as well!

7 Random Facts about ME:

1. I'm Filipino (Full) - and I always, always, always, always lol get mixed for being hispanic! and even when I tell them I'm filipino, people still say, "no i don't think so" LOL! sillies.. I can understand Tagalog fluently, and I can speak it - but i sound stupid, so i just tell people i can't speak it (my mom always made fun of me when i was younger so i never wanted to speak it afterwards lol)

2. I'm the youngest and only daughter in my little family. I have 2 Older brothers, but I swear I think i'm the oldest! LOL my oldest brother is like the baby of the fam-bam.. but ya gotta love 'em right?

3. I LOVE to sing! I've always wanted to be a pop/rockstar ever since I was a little girl! And the first time American Idol ever aired, I always have wanted to be on the show! 

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Make-up, beauty and everything Fitness.. yea like you all don't know that by now!

5. I'm very boring LOL! I really am! i don't really do much! just work, hangout with my girls/hubby, make-up and go to the gym.. okay.. occasionally i'll go out.. but rarely! I'm a true homebody!

6. My eyebrows are actually tattooed!! :) Yes I did the mistake of shaving half of my eyebrows off  when I was in 6th grade because the fad was to draw in your eyebrows LOL! they never really grew back.. so they are tattooed! but they are kinda fading so i'll need to get them touched up again..

7. I'm an animal LOVER! I love animals - mainly puppies.. i actually have 2 doggies 1 is a full yorkie named Ginger and my other doggie is a 1/2 pomeranian 1/2 yorkie boy named Oreo ;) I love them! I used to watch Animal Planet for hours and hours on end! I even helped my friend Natalie with her Yorkie Forums (JFY how i miss it!)

Yea, i'm very boring LOL.. well i'll add pictures (probably not of my eyebrows haha!) shortly.. i'm starting to feel really poopy fast.. i guess Tianna and Jasmyn both being sick back to back is catching up to me with the barely sleeping..

For this award, I'd like to tag:

And lastly, another awesome award from Irene <3

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

(okay i couldn't stay long enough on the computer lol - i'm about to cough my lungs out..  - will update this tomorrow!)


  1. :) YAY for awards - and you deserve each & everyone of them! I had no idea you were Filipina, just knew you were asian hehe. :D

    When I did some of my rotations at the hospital, I remember one of the filipina pharamcy techs would always share her food with me (she was super sweet, like my Mom away from home Mom) and it was always SO GOOD. I think it was pancit? I wish I spoke my own language fluently too T_T

    You should totally get one of those video-game based kareoke games. :) It would be a fun thing to do with your fam!

    <3 Thanks for the shout out! Feel better soon!!!

  2. Thanks for the tags/awards :D

    Noo waay girl your blog is super cute the way it is! I love the banner! Btw, I was meaning to ask, what font is "Beauty" written in? It's pretty :D

    Wow I never would have guessed about your eyebrows! They look great<3 I have to draw on the ends of my eyebrows :( I was thinking about getting them tattooed but so scared, what if they mess up?! XD

    I looove animals too, I STILL watch Animal Planet like a fiend XD I LOVE watching Dogs 101 hehe :P Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Thanks for tagging me girl....
    is that a facts about me tag or something??

    and you deff have to try queens helene when u have a chance hahaa

  4. aww I'm a puppy lover too there so adorable! i have a little pomeranian
    = )
    Thank you for the tag award Khristine!!


  5. thanks for taggin me!! :) i'll get to it soon!

  6. 1/2 Yorkie 1/2 Pomeranian??? Can you post pics please?? That sounds like the cutest mix ever!! I grew up with a Yorkie ^_^ They are so cute and clever! My parents recently told me about the morkie, which are so cute too!

    Thank you for the kawaii tag!!

    Body Shop is pretty similar to Face Shop! I loove their scented oils. I used to always buy the satsuma orange and some other fruity one :)

  7. Hey Kris, thanks for stopping by. Ive been loving my Mac blush in Gingerly. I bought it because my cousin has it and I really like the color.

    Dude, you can't even tell that your brows are tattooed, I swear! and I get mistaken as Latina too or sometimes Indian lol and they don't ever believe me when I tell people I'm full pinay. I also speak tagalog too ^_^

    oh and i don;t think you're boring. we pretty much do the same thing lol

  8. Hey girl! I nominated you for a blog award on my page :)


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