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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today was a pretty good day.. easy day thankfully in pediatrics (sadly my last week :( then it's back to family practice.. which is sorta the same, 'cept we don't get to see as much pediatric patients as i'd like)..

but after work, i was supposed to go straight to the post office (which i did), then the mall and then the gym.. (which didn't happen) because i forgot my shirt for the gym LOL! i packed everything else but that! so of course i had to go back home.. well my mother-in-law was so happy i was home (my little ones were being a handful for her) and right when i walked in the door - she was like HERE!!! lol.. and gave the girls to me.. mind you i was hungry, and low on sugar and had to change my youngest daughter's poopy diaper.. it was just a hot mess.. i still had to feed them because i came home when she was preparing lunch for them - but was so relieved i was there, just left me to do it.. which i didn't mind cause they are my kiddos ;) and they were sooo happy to see mommy!

so afterwards, i decided i was going to bring them over to my mom's place for her to watch them since she was already watching my niece.. she was delighted! so i dropped the girls off - which i must say they were more than excited when they found out where they were going lol..

so then i drove in traffic to sephora to get a refund on the items that i had got (the too faced liquid foundation & powder).. i kept the primer... i got some samples of the MUFE Face & Body liquid foundation and also NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation.. gonna play around with that later.. but i did end up just going to MAC and getting the MAC Face & Body liquid foundation from there.. which the MA (who is the g/f of my brother's good friend).. had applied it on me! i was really happy with the results.. and decided to do a test run on it LOL (after of course getting yet ANOTHER BLUSH - MAC Prism)..

I was debating about skipping out on the gym today (i know! bad girl!).. but i was like.. what the hey! get your booty in gear and get to it!.. so i went to the gym and worked out Chest & Back (since i cannot do legs cause my knees are both killing me now).. and boy did i work up a sweat! but yet do i look absolutely flawless! aftter an hour of my workout.. i looked in the mirror.. i did look dewy cause i just worked out and was sweating - yet the make-up was still intact (the foundation/blush she applied).. and it did NOT cake on me!.. i'm just hoping this will not break me out.. so we'll see this week if it breaks me out lol.. either way if it does - im still gonna keep it i think. i really like the coverage..

here's my post workout shot lol - sorry i'm all smitten and happy that i went to the gym and still look good - i normally don't wear makeup to the gym but shoot i wanted to test this baby out! LOL

okay i look like a nerd haha, whateverrr! but i'm happy with the foundation (FOR NOW at least).. we'll see how it goes.. 

Funny thing was, as I was leaving - i saw hubby coming in and he was so suprised and the smile on his face when he saw me was just SO cute :) .. i love him to pieces <3 

anyway this was my workout:

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows (3 sets of 8 reps - 30lbs)
Bent Over Barbell Rows - i did wider grip (3 sets of 8 reps - 50lbs)

Dumbbell Press (3 sets of 8 reps - 20lbs)
Dumbbell Flys (3 sets of 8 reps - 15lbs <-- i'm so weak in this area, gotta work on that)

I did 2 exercises each muscle today, which is fairly alright.. but it was so packed.. anyway.. i'll snap some pix of my new foundation/blush later.. i've got to hit the showers and pick up my little muffins from my parentals!

<3 Khristine

P.S. I haven't forgotten - i've got 2 awesome tags from sweetheart Irene - she's an awesome babe - go check out her blog! that i'll do when i get home and settled.. or heck maybe even later tonight while i put in the laundry lol!


  1. Looking at the photos, I wouldnt be able to tell you just came back from a workout.
    You look Glowing & Gorgeous!

    Ugh! It takes so much mind convincing to get my ass to the gym, but once Im done it feels Uh-Maz-Ing!


  2. yes hun! it takes a lot of mind convincing even for myself to get to the gym.. it's the getting to the gym that's the hardest - but once i'm there - i'm like.. i'm HOME! :) lol..

    but yes! i love that this foundation did not cake on me and actually left me glowy looking lol..

  3. You still look flawless, even after that grueling-sounding workout. O_O Not even a hair out of place and I love the dewy-look! SO romantic, I bet your hubby was smiling cuz you look HOT!

    Thanks for the shout out :) You're too sweet!!!

  4. Your skin is positively perfect and gorgeous! I am jealous :) And way to go on the work out routine! I have been doing P90X lately, it's kicking my ass! But I can see a noticeable difference in the 2 weeks I've done it, so I'm not complaining :)


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