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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Weekend! what I've been up to!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)

I know i've been a bit MIA! it's been quite busy (as usual) around here! I've been going back and forth to different MAC stores in search of my brushes/eyeshadows.. and i'm just getting freakin' frustrated LOL! i'm looking for the MAC 109 brush and All that Glitters eyeshadow most importantly.. although i did get quite a chunk of my list (thank you hubby!)

My oldest daughter Tianna has a recital this June - so we've just been busy with all these extra curricular events going on. Today was her Dance School's Student Appreciation Day - which was real awesome.. FREE FOOD! :) i love free food and of course everyone had fun at the Park!

I know i've been really bad with posting lately.. but starting tomorrow i'll be back at Family Medicine (bye pediatrics - for now).. hopefully i'll get to float there sometime! I really enjoyed my time at pediatrics..

Anyway - i've got A LOT of stuff to add on my blog sale lol.. i've been really bad at updating it, but have been adding it on Makeup Alley lol! i'm all about swapping right now - since i have reached my spending limit for this month! LOL yikes!

I know it's a bit late to do a st patty's day look/tutorial.. so i've decided on Tuesday-ish.. or heck - whenever i get a chance i'm going to do an easy/simple spring look.. using drugstore brands and MAC (cause i love me some MAC) lol.. since that was requested!

and i'm so sorry - i still have 2 tags that i really, really, really want to do, so hopefully i'll be able to complete them this week!

For you all that don't know! E.L.F has their own section now in the make-up aisle!!

this was from a mini haul that i did when i went to target last week.. ;) i still want to try out their blushes and stuff.. i think i'm going to pick up a bunch of items for my upcoming giveaway for my awesome subbies here & my youtube channel! so thank you all! :)

Okay - i'll have to stop here LOL the ambien i took is totally getting to me.. and i've still got to take off this aspirin/honey/brown sugar concoction i've put on my face (which i will tell you all about - if you're interested!)

:) Good night!

<3 Khristine


  1. i picked up some goodies from e.l.f. at target too for a upcoming giveaway.. when ever i reach 100 i think lol. I got the e.l.f. contouring blush & bronzing powder and I like it so far! if you don't have it, u should definitely pick it up=)

  2. Aww, I wish there was an ELF section here :( Hehe and I love doing the aspirin mask or brown sugar honey or olive oil scrub too :D

  3. Wow! I didn't know ELF was at Target now! Thanks for the tip!

    You have been busy busy girl - but at least it seems like the good type of busy :)

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