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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday through Saturday! been busy!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I sort of disappeared for a few days! I got extremely busy! lol.

Just wanted to say yay for me having 25 followers now! when i first started my blog - didn't even think anyone would read my randomness lol.. but yay - thanks everyone! <3

So Thursday - I don't really remember anything much.. all I know is that I ended up injuring my knee during a workout  and had our chief Doctor that I work with check it out. He said I've got Patella-Femoral tendonitis.. recommend that i keep off of it for about a week, and when i'm ready to do some rehab exercises for my legs.. so yea.. it's been a bit painful and especially since the weather has been real cold at night - i hate it lol.. but i haven't worked out my legs since then..

But what I was SO happy about was that my brush guards FINALLY came in! also a couple of other packages I had been waiting for from a swap i had done on MUA and on my blog sale..

Here are some items i got from my swap! 

The 2nd picture - there were SO many extra's i was so excited! I was originally swapping my MUFE HD Foundation for the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, 2 eyeshadows.. well I guess she couldn't find her Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - so she ordered me a brand new one online and added all these extras with the receipt to the Bobbi Brown gel liner! with extras on there too! :) i'm so excited! she was such a sweetheart!

and On Friday - was a busy day at work.. stopped by the post office during my lunch to drop off some more of the items on my blog sale (yay - still really need to clear out completely though!) and then went to my house to have quick lunch and get my stuff/clothes ready for that nights events. Hubby and I went to the Clipper game (yes I said clippers!) with some of our friends from High School.. it was real fun hanging out with the guys... even though the clippers lost horribly.. fun times :)! after the game we all went to IHOP for some fooood lol.. we ended up coming home like at 1AM after picking our girls from my parental's house..

On Saturday was just a bunch of errands! First I took Tianna to her ballet class which she absolutely loves.. they have a recital this June and so the dance instructor is giving us the material for them to practice to.. i'm so excited to see their costume though! :) it's going to be sooo fun!

after that, went home had brunch (well the girls did).. and we headed over to Glendale Mall because I had to return the foundation that I had gotten last week as it did not work out for me (neither did the samples).. and well it was SO packed.. but I managed to get someone who was actually real helpful this time and actually took the time to sit me down and put make up on me and explain everything, recommend some skin care tips to me etc.. i left and got this:

L-R - Too Faced Magic Wand illuminating foundation, Too Faced Primed Poreless, Too Faced Translucent powder.

The SA was real helpful and so i'm hoping to test out my new products tomorrow for work and see the real test lol ;) She did recommend that i also get a concealer as i'm not getting the coverage i want on my problem areas.. but darn me i was in a hurry i forgot to ask her.. i also forgot to ask her about her recommendations on both a day time and a night time moisturizer as she had said that i needed that. 

my purchase came with a small gift:

a cute little bag/pouch.. mini sample of TFSI and a glitter liquid eyeliner all by TF..

it was funny because as i was at the register, i asked her if they had samples or mini's of the TFSI primer.. and she was like no sorry.. and then after she rang me up - she said oh wow you're free gift includes it! - it was meant to be lol! so i'm excited to try that out because my UDPP is just not doing anything for me anymore.. don't know.. ;)

so after that, we went to our place to get our supplements.. i decided to go back to my chocolate fudge protein shakes from BSN Dessert line.. so i'm happy about that lol ;) 

and on the way home, Hubby wanted to check out the fossil store at the Northridge Mall.. and so while we were there.. i went to stop by MAC to see if they had the 130 brush in stock (I called thursday and they were sold out).. but i got it! and the Ample Pink Plushglass that i wanted that was sold out when I went to the other mac store lol..

I still would love to try their new "Too Fabulous" line.. been eyeing them! we'll see - hope they don't sell out! need to sell my stuff on my blog sale before I can get something else lol! AHHH! lol..

anyway.. Jasmyn - my youngest would NOT go to bed last night.. she was up from 2am til 6am crying and babbling - i had no idea what she wanted.. so i let her lay with  hubby and i.. and of course the positioning of my body was not very comfortable LOL so i did not sleep until 7AM today lol.. and got a text from Karen asking if i was getting ready for the gym lol yikes! im gonna go later today because Hubby went right now.. 

I think i'll do a quick easy eyeshadow tutorial as requested by just a handful of people ;) I haven't been doing any tutorials lately, because i've been feeling really poopy in my eyeshadow applying skills lol.. i feel like i really suck and shouldn't be showing anyone how to do makeup if i can't put it on myself lol.. AHH.. well whatever ;) i think i'm going to do a look using makeup for those on a budget! :) well the eyeshadows at least ;)

till next time! (if you have any requests or anything you'd like me to do on my next video or video ideas for me - i'd appreciate it!)..

<3 Khristine

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