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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Official article on Article on My Husband :: Live Shredded Challenge!

Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if you all remember, back in December I had posted the winners of the Musclepharm Live Shredded transformation challenge winners (Click here to see that blog post)

And before then (November 23rd) I had posted that My Husband Christian had entered in an online contest ( MusclePharm Live shredded transformation challenge, and posted his final pictures, and his essay etc. (Click Here to see that blog post)

Well I had mentioned it on twitter (for those of you who follow me on there) that was going to have an article on My Husband on their website about his transformation/His Story. 

So I wanted to share this with all of you, who had supported us throughout his entire journey! Thank you all for the support you have given us through retweeting our links, commenting on pictures and blog posts and subscribing/watching our videos. :) 

Here is where you can find My Husband's Article about his win:

Thumbnail of his article (he's in the middle) :) 

And here is an excerpt from his official article (Click HERE to see full article)

For those of you who are interested in wanting to lose weight/live a healthier lifestyle - I really recommend checking out (We are NOT affiliated with them, we are just regular members) and signing up for the bodyspace section, where you can get free workouts etc! If you do decide to join (It's free) don't forget to add us!

              Xtine ::

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