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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy Monday :: Visit my Mommy Forums!

For some of you who have followed me from the very beginning (of when I started this blog) may/or may not have known that I had created my own mommy website (created it 2005/2006).

It's an online forum/community for mothers (expecting moms, single moms etc) from all around the world, to come together and discuss parenting issues, pregnancy issues, talk about breastfeeding, baby food and so much more. 

My website is called and it's co-operated by a good friend of mine Nicole (visit her blog, she's awesome!) I made the site when I had my first born because of so many issues I was having during my pregnancy, I had no one to talk to (being the first of my friends to have a baby). So I decided it was a great way for me to reach other women in my position.  So If you know any moms, soon-to-be moms it's a great outlet to chit chat when you are having one of those mommy days and want to pull out your hair :P

We also hold a lot of contests and giveaways on there, and would love for you ladies/moms to join in on the fun! We hope to expand and reach more people, so if you could spread the word, i'd be forever grateful!

Here are some pictures of my Mommy website:

 We also offer FREE Blogs for all our members :) 

I have met some really amazing moms on here, and continue to keep in touch with them. What makes WorldForMoms different than most mommy communities, is that there is NO drama/cattiness and we all just like to have fun and talk about all sorts of things (even makeup and fitness!) :) so I hope you'll spread the word about my website and if you're a mom or know any soon to be moms, please send them over! 


  1. Hey!! I'd love to join your forums, BUT... All I am getting is the index page =/ 

  2. Hi Jessica! :) 

    Yea totally sorry about that, of course after I had posted my video showing my mommy website - the server decided to do some renovating. So it is currently down at the moment undergoing maintenance, but should be up in a few hours :) 

    I will keep everyone posted on twitter (@WorldForMoms ) 


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