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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gym Session :: 07/11/2012

Been super busy with the festivities lately (my daughter's 6th birthday, my 12 year anniversary -not wedding- with hubby, school projects and tests).. I have been going to the gym but just haven't been able to log it here! 

But here's my late night gym session.. another lovely leg day!

Changing it up and am doing some circuits..

I did 4 rounds of this:

(I did these exercises one right after the other - NO REST)
Barbell Squat - 20lbs x 30
Leg Press - 20lbs x 30
Stiff-legged Barbell Deadlift - 20lbs x 30
Barbell Lunge - 20lbs x 30
Calf-Press on the Leg Press Machine - 20lbs x 30
** Only after the last exercise did I rest for 3 minutes before starting again **

So that was my leg circuit. I did 4 rounds of this.. the gym was super packed.. which to me was so weird since it was like 11PM.. but good thing I only needed the barbell and the leg press machine.. anyway - time for bed for me! 

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