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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini Make-up Haul.. ;) yippy!

Hello hello Everyone!

I wanted to do a mini-haul on what i had said i purchased yesterday! got so caught up with everything at home, barely had time to record my tutorial and edit it!

(it's currently uploading in HD right now - dannng it's gonna take an hour! - sadly i gotta sleeeep cause i've got work in the AM)

anywho! while it's recording.. i'll tell you about what i got..

I went to Sephora,

and had purchased the Make Up For Ever HD foundation (in 120) and the Powder as well to accompany it ;) .. and I tried it on for the first time for my tutorial.. and it's okay ;) goes on smoothly and everything.. the real test will be how long it'll last me during my busy work day!

This is what it looks like (the boxes anyway)

yes i finally became a Sephora "Beauty insider" lol

but it didn't feel icky to my skin or anything when i was putting the foundation on.. nor the powder.. didn't feel thick or weird or anything.. and for me - i didn't smell anything..

prior to using the MUFE HD foundation and powder.. i was using Stila's powder (forget the name exactly).. and it did go on and was full coverage on me.. but by the end of the day my nose was shinier than a light bulb LOL.. that and it had a weird smell to it.. i don't know how to explain it - it was a sweet powdery, chocolate not but quite smell to it lol.. it wasn't that pleasant though.. since it was going on my face and gonna be there all day..

so i'll be testing out the MUFE foundation/powder and report to you all in a week or two and let you all know how i really like it....

After that - I went to MAC to purchase a few lipstick/lipglass' that i wanted.. (a few were - i had found from xppinkx's blog (which looks amazing on her - me, not so much LOL)..

I had this before - think i Lost it.. and haven't repurchased it til now (it's been like 4-5 years LOL)

Hug Me



Lipglass (Feeling Dreamy)

So i wasn't so happy with Equality and Myself... they didn't look right on me.. or maybe i'm just not using to wearing lipstick..

But my absolute favorite thus far is Feeling Dreamy.. LOVE it! :) goes with complexion quite well, as well as i think i'd use it everyday!

I also love "Hug Me".. cause it's a nudy-with a hint of peachy-pink kinda color.. my type definitely! I guess cause it's the closest to my natural lip color.. and i just like it period!

"Equality" made me feel like i had no lips LOL cause it blended with my skin color LOL! yikes! maybe if i do a different eyeshadow/look it'll look better.. who knows.. but also it just didn't mesh well with my lips.. (maybe that and my lips are just super dry ugh!)

"Myself" was pretty much the same except a little more color to it.. like a peachy/beige tinge to it.. it was "alright".. don't know if i'd wear it a lot.. maybe occasionally or if i'm feelin sassy and wanna try something different.. or of course just be random LOL..

"Feeling Dreamy" - I guess you can say, i'm more of a lipgloss/chapstick kinda girl.. so i really liked this one.. it's a natural/nudy color.. and just glossy! i love that! My lips are real dry in the pictures, so it doesn't really do it justice... but i absolutely love it! I definitely would use this everyday as a quicky if im not using makeup/heavy eyeshadow etc.. pair it with some hot lashes/blush and light eyeliner and it would be beeeaaauuttiiffull lol!

I'm really excited about all the make-up i bought.. we'll see how it goes the next week or so and how i decide to use them and utilize them with my scrubs LOL..

Also, I finally got my eyelashes that I had ordered from ebay (click Here to purchase)! Well I got them 18 Days exactly after I had purchased them!

Here are some pictures of what they look like:

very neatly bubble-wrapped

the purchase was for 10 pairs!

criss-cross pattern

me being silly (had just done my tutorial

each pack comes with a tiny little individual gluestick/bottle thing, which i didn't even bother using because when i opened it, it didn't seem like anything was in it.. so i just used my own eyelash glue i had used with all my other fake eyelashes..

the eyelashes itself were nice, I just have to play around with them a bit more, only because they were really hard to conform/shape to my eye.. it felt like they were stick straight lol.. but overall, they look great on! So i'm happy i've now got 10 pairs to play around with!

alrighty everyone - i think that's it for now! going wait for my tutorial to finish uploading and share it with you all in the morning! TOODLES!

<3 Khristine

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