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Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAC & Sephora Mini haul ;)

So I went to the mall today with Karen because We both had some B2M that we wanted to exchange..

Sephora Haul
I got: NARS Blush in Deep Throat, Clinique Even Better Liquid Foundation, MUFE Mat Velvet Sample, Laura Mercier Oil Free Sample, Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Sample, I wanted shi-seido duo-foundation sample but they only had their skincare line and not make-up..I also got Anti-Bacterial Daily Brush Cleaner spray (the small one lol) and my free gift

MAC Haul
had some B2M stuff and wanted a new eyeshadow lol..

and also wanted to try Dollymix and ended up getting Soft Ochre Paint Pot... ended up getting the eyeshadow Twinks :) I like it! lol..

My Free Gift I got to choose for being a Sephora Beauty Insider Member

It was the last one and it was calling my name! My FIRST Nars Make-up! the blush is called Deep Throat if anyone is wondering ;) It's beautiful! I wanted to get Orgasm, but i figured i'd get deep throat first lol! (cause it was the last one and there were like 5 of orgasm and super orgasm)..

I really wanted to get the MAC 187 brush.. but dang it's $45!! lol.. the MAC 130 brush is the exact same thing but a bit smaller (MA said better for blending, getting in hard to reach places like the corner of the nose and hairline) but it's $38!! shoot lol

I Think what i'm going to do is save up for the 130 brush and then get the sigma SS187 and then also get the Target 187 Dupe as a backup/extra (for in between washings)..

I put together a list of MAC eyeshadows I wanted, but when I was there it was just too hard to just choose 1 or 2 lol.. and just ended up getting the one the MA suggested (she was wearing it on her and i was in love with the color).. so i got it lol..

Also i told her my dilemma of Viva Glam Gaga looking totally nasty looking on me lol, and she paired it with Ample Pink Plushglass and it looked pretty nice actually lol.. unfortunately they sold out LOL.. so i'll have to go back! (or hopefully someone on MUA wants to swap with me haha)..

anyway - I have a LOT of packing items to do.. and go to the post office tomorrow.. :)

good night everyone!



  1. lovely haul khristine!!! <3333
    I have Soft Ochre paint pot. its a great base :) & that e/s color looks nice. :) hehe

  2. I LOVE NARS Deep Throat - it is even better IMO than Orgasm so GOOD CHOICE! Lol. I promise you will use it superfrequently.

    Glad you had some relaxing chill time at the mall this weekend! :) Have a great week this week! (Mine is already turning out CRAZY aaah!)


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