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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Blog! Sale Blog!

I told you all i'd make one - it was just a matter of time LOL!

here it is:

check it out! help me sell all that stuff!! or spread my link to anyone you know like a virus! LOL

i'm going to update it quite often since i'm in a mad dash to get rid of things.. i have a lot of bills and stuff (not to mention domain and website upkeep it's kicking my booty!) so help a sister out! :)

thanks everyone!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy like it's nobody's business! LOL

Heyyy Everyone!! It feels like ages since my last post! Well i've been super busy with everything that's been going on (can't really say too much though lol since i don't want to get my hopes up if it doesn't end up workin' out!)...

But anyway.. as most of you know, my oldest daughter had been sick for what seemed like eternity after Jasmyn (my youngest daughter) was sick... I was in and outta work bringing them back and forth to doctor visits/urgent care.. but my girls are feeling better... Tianna is still coughing, and this weather is not really helping, but not nearly as bad as she was the past few weeks.. I did manage to find a picture of her while she was doing her breathing treatment.. it's a nebulizer machine and she's such a good sport about it.. she's been doing it for nearly 4 years now (she's been doing this since she was an itty bitty baby lol)

it's her famous "fishy" mask ;) 

and of course had to add one of Jasmyn ;) wouldn't be complete if i didn't.. :) This is her "Cheeeese" smile lol.. I Love this! Please excuse the messy bed/background haha we've been pretty busy/tired lately lol!

I can't remember when it was, but Hubby has joined a basketball league with our friends and so they all decided to have a dinner night out.. and everyone went.. it was hubby and my first time at this place so.. lol.. i got laughed at for getting salad and a wing place haha! but i did have 5 wings! :) 

the salad and the wings i had were alright.. i did have hubby finish my salad lol cause no way in hell i could finish it.. i've been real real real real good lately with sticking to eating until i'm 80% full..and i really would like to keep it like that! 

We didn't stay out too long this night (that i forgot when exactly it was).. because we both had work the next day.. and hubby is still adjusting to his daytime work schedule.. I do remember though after going out for dinner like half-hour later.. Karen, Derick, Almon and myself went to gym! LOL.. I remember we did work out chest and back because we did a few different exercises than our norm.. you know.. just to mix it up and confuse my muscles! lol..

Anywho.. this past weekend we were busy with some events... like Tianna's ballet class saturday, followed by a spontaneous day at disneyland (it was SO spontaneous - i didn't take any pictures!).. the girls absolutely loved it! the fireworks show was indeed cancelled though because of high winds.. i wasnt that sad about it.. considering we were only there for 5 hours and pooped as hell LOL! Sunday had to get up real early to register Tianna for her summer/fall ballet classes..

She's been attending since July 09, and to me i think she's been doing remarkably well! we always go over her memorization with the positions, the moves etc.. but i guess when she's alone with her teacher, she gets really shy and doesn't do them lol.. so her teacher has recommended her to continue the current level she's in so she can advanced perhaps in the fall.. which i was just a bit bummed because right now she is in the same class as her cousin Sabrina (6 months older than her and has been going to ballet a bit longer than her).. and Her cousin is moving up a tiny notch.. but won't be in the same class.. but i think it'll be good - so that way there's no fooling around and hopefully Tianna will be able to break out of her little shell!

I'm very excited as her Ballet recital is this June!! i still have yet to see their costumes.. so i'm really excited! I did want to register Jasmyn for the same class, but they have no more spots for her age range on the dates that i'm available so boo! maybe next time!

Anyway.. I was supposed to film a quick and easy "Spring" look tutorial using some drugstore brand items.. but my day didn't quite pan out the way expected.. which is okay.. but i guess i'll have to postpone it.. and do a different look completely.. lol.. 

Anyway.. I've got a lot of work to do! so I better get to it! :) hope you all are doing well!

oh and just a side note: for those of you who read my twitter the other day (or was it his morning? LOL i don't know anymore).. it's true.. i've lost 14lbs in a span of 2 months.. i did it healthily - no diet pills or crash diets.. all my hard work :) i think it feels better knowing i really worked as hard as i did to get to where i am.. NO i'm not super model skinny and in NO way do I want to be.. i still have another 12-14lbs i'd love to shed off by my birthday (In September).. so i'm just going to keep working harder and harder til i get there! so to those who are on a weightloss journey like myself.. DON'T Give up! there is light at the end of the tunnel! lol.. (sappy)..

okay before i get any more corny.. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

<3 Khristine

Monday, March 22, 2010

A couple of tags! ;)

Irene was SO sweet to tag me - i'm a bit sickly so i thought i'd finally do the awesome tags/blog awards i was given by Sweetheart Irene! (check out her blog >HERE< if you haven't she's a freakin gorgeous babe!)

For this blog award, I tag:

Irene was also so Kind and sweet to give me this award as well!

7 Random Facts about ME:

1. I'm Filipino (Full) - and I always, always, always, always lol get mixed for being hispanic! and even when I tell them I'm filipino, people still say, "no i don't think so" LOL! sillies.. I can understand Tagalog fluently, and I can speak it - but i sound stupid, so i just tell people i can't speak it (my mom always made fun of me when i was younger so i never wanted to speak it afterwards lol)

2. I'm the youngest and only daughter in my little family. I have 2 Older brothers, but I swear I think i'm the oldest! LOL my oldest brother is like the baby of the fam-bam.. but ya gotta love 'em right?

3. I LOVE to sing! I've always wanted to be a pop/rockstar ever since I was a little girl! And the first time American Idol ever aired, I always have wanted to be on the show! 

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Make-up, beauty and everything Fitness.. yea like you all don't know that by now!

5. I'm very boring LOL! I really am! i don't really do much! just work, hangout with my girls/hubby, make-up and go to the gym.. okay.. occasionally i'll go out.. but rarely! I'm a true homebody!

6. My eyebrows are actually tattooed!! :) Yes I did the mistake of shaving half of my eyebrows off  when I was in 6th grade because the fad was to draw in your eyebrows LOL! they never really grew back.. so they are tattooed! but they are kinda fading so i'll need to get them touched up again..

7. I'm an animal LOVER! I love animals - mainly puppies.. i actually have 2 doggies 1 is a full yorkie named Ginger and my other doggie is a 1/2 pomeranian 1/2 yorkie boy named Oreo ;) I love them! I used to watch Animal Planet for hours and hours on end! I even helped my friend Natalie with her Yorkie Forums (JFY how i miss it!)

Yea, i'm very boring LOL.. well i'll add pictures (probably not of my eyebrows haha!) shortly.. i'm starting to feel really poopy fast.. i guess Tianna and Jasmyn both being sick back to back is catching up to me with the barely sleeping..

For this award, I'd like to tag:

And lastly, another awesome award from Irene <3

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

(okay i couldn't stay long enough on the computer lol - i'm about to cough my lungs out..  - will update this tomorrow!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday & Sunday (pictureless post - sorry!)

So Yesterday was quite an interesting day.. As some of you know, My oldest daughter Khristianna has been sick for quite some time.. I had taken her to see her doctor on Thursday afternoon since my supervisor was kind enough to give me half day (plus My daughter's doctor works at the place I work lol).. 

Well they gave her some oral steroids and her albuterol because of her asthma, coughing and vomiting.. she did have a fever - but the only thing for that is tylenol or motrin and cool compresses/luke warm baths..

Friday was an okay day at work.. It was my first day alone working at Pediatrics and was actually REALLY FUN and Super busy! (made the day go by super quick)

Saturday started by bringing my Mazdaspeed3 to the dealer to get it's 15k service.. and fix the freakin gas cap that I broke off LOL (i'm soo strong! NOT haha).. i dropped it off at 8AM was done at 10AM! while I was home at that time, Hubby, Tianna, Jasmyn and I headed to target.. LOL Yes we got New Moon! so what I had too! lol.. then picked up the car.. 

We then ate lunch at Home Town Buffet at the Plant in Van Nuys - which i absolutely HATED because of how packed it was.. Tianna started coughing/dry heaving towards the end - so we rushed home because I didn't want any accidents.. I wasn't able to go to Michael's as planned (wanted to get magnets for my eyeshadow and blush depotting project i've already started lol)..

So we kind of just chilled at home, gave Tianna her breathing treatments and medications.. and let them kinda nap.. Xtian did go to the gym - I didn't get to go because I was taking care of the girlies.. Plus His parents were having this 2000 Hail Mary prayer at the house and I couldn't attend (even though it was downstairs LOL) because I was trying to keep Jasmyn from being too noisy and Of course tend to Tianna who was coughing like crazy (poor thing :( )...

I really wanted to go to MAC to buy a couple of eyeshadows to complete a few of my palettes since Hubby was so sweet and said I could (even though I totally went over my budget for this month).. but luckily i decided to skip out and stay home with them all :)

A Few hours later I had to give Tianna her breathing treatment again, and she couldn't finish it because she started vomiting.. and what scared me the most was when she was dry heaving (nothing was coming out) and her nose started bleeding! i was LIKE OMG! lol.. yea i was actually terrified because her nose has never bled even when she was hospitalized around this time last year.. I guess because the forcefullness of her cough - it caused some of the tiny vessels in the nose to break (causing the slight nosebleed).. 

but it did subside, but the cough and vomiting did not.. I was really worried (even though I'm a nurse - i don't know everything! and it's real different when it's YOUR child!).. so Hubby and I decided to just take her to urgent care (funny how we both worked there and all our co-workers still remember us - well hubby did just transfer out of there like 2-3 weeks ago after working there for 3.5 years).. 

They had to give Tianna 2 breathing treatments, a stronger oral steroid (which covers her for today too) to help.. then a chest x-ray which was inconveniently across the damn street from the clinic and walk back.. but luckily checked out okay.. 

She was a good sport about it all! she's a trooper and has been through a lot worse.. and even though I know that - i still hate every single time my girls are sick.. we put their toddler beds in our room (which was like omg packed like crazy haha - but they fell asleep without a hitch)..

Sunday was a fabulous morning! I woke up at 6:30AM to get ready for the gym at 7, which Karen and D were supposed to go with me but they decided to go last night (crazies).. and missed this morning with me.. But I did Legs and abs today - real quick workout!

Bulgarian Lunges - 3 sets of 8 repetitions - no weight
Leg Press (on machine) - 3 sets of 8 repetitions - 45lb weight each side of the machine
Straight Leg Dead Lifts - 3 Sets of 8 repetitions - 15lb barbell each hand

Leg Lifts - 3 sets of 30 (omg i just about died doing this)
Crunches - 3 sets of 30

and that was it.. I just wanted to get in and outta there which I did so mission accomplished YAY!

Hubby texted me to stop buy the store to get Original Syrup for the waffles :) and while I was at CVS i did go ahead and buy some stuff for me (SHH!) :) 

Anyway - it's snacktime for the girls - and time for a protein shake for me! So hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

<3 Khristine

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So as some of you know my obsession with Make-up.. and well i'm a bit on a budget after my last shopping spree[s]..

it's so hard because i barely just got back into make-up/beauty.. and i just love everything.. i've been searching everywhere on the web.. and found that since i've tried NYX Cosmetics, they are the next best thing to MAC (since i can't afford every single thing!).. but i wanted to put this together (took bits and pieces and put them in alphabetical order LOL).. I did NOT make this list, I just searched forums, google, other blogs and found all of these and thought i'd share this all with those that are on a budget like myself but still want to get some amazing cosmetics.. :)

This is the list of Possible MAC/NYX Cosmetic Dupes (read disclaimer at bottom please)... When i'm able to buy anything - i'll swatch them to compare! :) if any of you have swatches you'd like to share, please feel free to comment/e-mail so i can add them... of if you have any to add on here! :) enjoy!


MAC All that glitters =  NYX Champagne
MAC Amber Lights = NYX Golden
MAC Antiqued/Banshee = NYX Milani Spice
MAC Aquadisiac = NYX Jade (better than the MAC one)
MAC "Aquavert" = NYX "Spring leaf" 
MAC Beautiful Iris = NYX Frosted Lilac
MAC Beauty Marked = NYX Lake Moss Trio -Purple shade
MAC Black Tied = Milani Storm, Jane - Clubbing
MAC Blue Storm = NYX Atlantic
MAC Bisque = NYX Nude
MAC Brule = Milani -Almondine
MAC Carbon = NYX Black
MAC Cranberry = NYX Rust
MAC Cocoa = NYX Beanie
MAC Contrast = NYX Lake Moss Trio -Blue shade
MAC Coppering = NYX Copper
MAC Deep Truth = NYX Atlanti, Milani -Evening Sky
MAC Down Brown = NYX Dark Brown
MAC Easter =  NYX Yellow
MAC Electra = NYX silver
MAC Electric Eel = NYX Irises 
MAC Expensive Pink = NYX Wildflower
MAC Fab and Flashy = NYX Sunset or Hot Orange
MAC Freshwater =  NYX Atlantic
MAC Gesso = NYX White
MAC "Goldmine" = NYX "Ray"
MAC Girl Meets Boy = NYX Antique Gold
MAC Hepcat = NYX Violet
MAC heatherette trio 1 ( shade): NYX Seafoam green
MAC Humid = NYX Mermaid Green (was told this is untrue - so buy at your own discretion)
MAC Juxt or Golden Olive = NYX Springleaf
MAC "Knight Divine" = NYX "Charcoal" 
MAC Lucky Green = NYX Lime Green
MAC Moon's Reflection = NYX Pacific
MAC Mothbrown = NYX Root Beer
MAC Mythology = NYX Jazzy Bronze (was told this is untrue - so buy at your own discretion)
MAC Naked lunch = NYX Sahara (ES 18)
MAC Nocturnelle = NYX Beauty Queen
MAC Parfait Amour: NYX Purple
MAC Parrot = NYX Ocean
MAC Passionate: NYX Cherry or Red Head
MAC Posion Pen = NYX Space
MAC Rose = NYX Hot Pink
MAC Rose Blanc = NYX High light (ES07)
MAC Satelitte Dreams = NYX Deep Purple
MAC Satin Taupe = NYX Iced Mocha
MAC Shroom = NYX Frosted Flakes
MAC Star n' Rockets: NYX Luxor
MAC Star Violet = NYX Burgandy Pearl 
MAC Steamy = NYX Jungle Fever
MAC Swimming = NYX Kiwi
MAC Swish = NYX Spring Flower
MAC Top Hat = NYX Deep Purple
MAC Twinks = NYX Walnut Bronze (a little lighter than Twinks)
MAC Vellum = NYX Opal (ES 45)
MAC "Yogurt" = NYX "Dallas"

MAC Beige-ing shadestick: Yogurt NYX Jumbo eye pencil 
MAC Bright Fushia pigment: NYX Cherry
MAC Golden Olive pigment: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Lime
MAC Kelly Green pigment: NYX Kiwi
MAC Rose Pigment: NYX Flamingo
MAC Viz A Violet (pigment): NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple

MAC Melrose Mood = NYX Narcissus
MAC Jazzed (In the groove) = NYX Pumpkin Pie (85-90% dupe)

MAC Emote = NYX Taupe
MAC Ladyblush = NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural
MAC Margin = NYX Terra Cotta
MAC Peaches = NYX Cinnamon Blush 
MAC Posey = NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

If you'd like to add to this list - or have any possible NYX dupes - i'd love for you to add them to this list! ;) you can post a comment or e-mail me at

DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT put this list together on MY OWN. I do not own most of these colors. like i mentioned above. I got this list from piecing them together from different links/website that had these RECOMMENDATIONS. MOST of them did not have a picture swatch of the items, so I CANNOT guarantee the validity of the dupe. This list is FOR reference only - please use at your own discretion.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day! FOTD

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! Hope your day was full of green! LOL :)

I'm sure everyone and their Mama wore green/green make-up.. Hope your sick of it.. because here's my FOTD! :)

MUFE Face & Body in 32
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW25
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35

MAC Dollymix (on apples of cheeks)
MAC Blushbaby on rest of cheeks

TFSI (primer)
MAC Goldmine (inner corner)
MAC Juxt (rest of lid)
MAC Velvet Moss (outter corner)
Prestige waterproof eyeliner in black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto voluptuous in very black

(first 3 pics i forgot to put on lipstick haha)
last picture I just put on Rimmel Airy Fairy

Today was a rather busy day at the clinic.. lots of people coming in with all sorts of problems.. but since the weather, a lot of asthma issues :( and My oldest daughter is Finally getting sick.. i hope she gets better ASAP because i HATE when they are sick.. plus it's hard for me to get time off of work to take her in.. so we've been back on the breathing treatments/nebulizers round the clock.. and the sleepless nights begin again! 

so excuse for my lack of posting everyone! hope my baby girl gets better soon! :)

alright that's it for now.. i think i'm going to the gym for a real quick session - hopefully the girls will sleep..  :)

<3 Khristine

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Weekend! what I've been up to!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)

I know i've been a bit MIA! it's been quite busy (as usual) around here! I've been going back and forth to different MAC stores in search of my brushes/eyeshadows.. and i'm just getting freakin' frustrated LOL! i'm looking for the MAC 109 brush and All that Glitters eyeshadow most importantly.. although i did get quite a chunk of my list (thank you hubby!)

My oldest daughter Tianna has a recital this June - so we've just been busy with all these extra curricular events going on. Today was her Dance School's Student Appreciation Day - which was real awesome.. FREE FOOD! :) i love free food and of course everyone had fun at the Park!

I know i've been really bad with posting lately.. but starting tomorrow i'll be back at Family Medicine (bye pediatrics - for now).. hopefully i'll get to float there sometime! I really enjoyed my time at pediatrics..

Anyway - i've got A LOT of stuff to add on my blog sale lol.. i've been really bad at updating it, but have been adding it on Makeup Alley lol! i'm all about swapping right now - since i have reached my spending limit for this month! LOL yikes!

I know it's a bit late to do a st patty's day look/tutorial.. so i've decided on Tuesday-ish.. or heck - whenever i get a chance i'm going to do an easy/simple spring look.. using drugstore brands and MAC (cause i love me some MAC) lol.. since that was requested!

and i'm so sorry - i still have 2 tags that i really, really, really want to do, so hopefully i'll be able to complete them this week!

For you all that don't know! E.L.F has their own section now in the make-up aisle!!

this was from a mini haul that i did when i went to target last week.. ;) i still want to try out their blushes and stuff.. i think i'm going to pick up a bunch of items for my upcoming giveaway for my awesome subbies here & my youtube channel! so thank you all! :)

Okay - i'll have to stop here LOL the ambien i took is totally getting to me.. and i've still got to take off this aspirin/honey/brown sugar concoction i've put on my face (which i will tell you all about - if you're interested!)

:) Good night!

<3 Khristine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FOTD: Sea Glass + Twinks

This look was just a random color combo i thought would look nice ;)

any cc's are welcome <3

Too Faced Primed & Poreless on t-zone and forehead (just above eyebrows)
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage on rest of face
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 on dark circles/spots etc
MAC Face & Body Foundation in N3
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30
MAC Blush in Prism

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Duo "Sea Glass)
MAC Twinks
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black

Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick
MAC Ample Pink Plushglass

Ask me anything

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today was a pretty good day.. easy day thankfully in pediatrics (sadly my last week :( then it's back to family practice.. which is sorta the same, 'cept we don't get to see as much pediatric patients as i'd like)..

but after work, i was supposed to go straight to the post office (which i did), then the mall and then the gym.. (which didn't happen) because i forgot my shirt for the gym LOL! i packed everything else but that! so of course i had to go back home.. well my mother-in-law was so happy i was home (my little ones were being a handful for her) and right when i walked in the door - she was like HERE!!! lol.. and gave the girls to me.. mind you i was hungry, and low on sugar and had to change my youngest daughter's poopy diaper.. it was just a hot mess.. i still had to feed them because i came home when she was preparing lunch for them - but was so relieved i was there, just left me to do it.. which i didn't mind cause they are my kiddos ;) and they were sooo happy to see mommy!

so afterwards, i decided i was going to bring them over to my mom's place for her to watch them since she was already watching my niece.. she was delighted! so i dropped the girls off - which i must say they were more than excited when they found out where they were going lol..

so then i drove in traffic to sephora to get a refund on the items that i had got (the too faced liquid foundation & powder).. i kept the primer... i got some samples of the MUFE Face & Body liquid foundation and also NARS Sheer Matte liquid foundation.. gonna play around with that later.. but i did end up just going to MAC and getting the MAC Face & Body liquid foundation from there.. which the MA (who is the g/f of my brother's good friend).. had applied it on me! i was really happy with the results.. and decided to do a test run on it LOL (after of course getting yet ANOTHER BLUSH - MAC Prism)..

I was debating about skipping out on the gym today (i know! bad girl!).. but i was like.. what the hey! get your booty in gear and get to it!.. so i went to the gym and worked out Chest & Back (since i cannot do legs cause my knees are both killing me now).. and boy did i work up a sweat! but yet do i look absolutely flawless! aftter an hour of my workout.. i looked in the mirror.. i did look dewy cause i just worked out and was sweating - yet the make-up was still intact (the foundation/blush she applied).. and it did NOT cake on me!.. i'm just hoping this will not break me out.. so we'll see this week if it breaks me out lol.. either way if it does - im still gonna keep it i think. i really like the coverage..

here's my post workout shot lol - sorry i'm all smitten and happy that i went to the gym and still look good - i normally don't wear makeup to the gym but shoot i wanted to test this baby out! LOL

okay i look like a nerd haha, whateverrr! but i'm happy with the foundation (FOR NOW at least).. we'll see how it goes.. 

Funny thing was, as I was leaving - i saw hubby coming in and he was so suprised and the smile on his face when he saw me was just SO cute :) .. i love him to pieces <3 

anyway this was my workout:

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows (3 sets of 8 reps - 30lbs)
Bent Over Barbell Rows - i did wider grip (3 sets of 8 reps - 50lbs)

Dumbbell Press (3 sets of 8 reps - 20lbs)
Dumbbell Flys (3 sets of 8 reps - 15lbs <-- i'm so weak in this area, gotta work on that)

I did 2 exercises each muscle today, which is fairly alright.. but it was so packed.. anyway.. i'll snap some pix of my new foundation/blush later.. i've got to hit the showers and pick up my little muffins from my parentals!

<3 Khristine

P.S. I haven't forgotten - i've got 2 awesome tags from sweetheart Irene - she's an awesome babe - go check out her blog! that i'll do when i get home and settled.. or heck maybe even later tonight while i put in the laundry lol!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Easy Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

This look was achieved mainly by using Maybelline's Chai Latte Quad on the eyes! I really like Maybelline's quads because the color combinations are all something i can use and DO use! very pigmented and last a long time - don't feel cheap at all! :)

so i decided to do an easy brown smokey eye tutorial.. here are the looks.

Too Faced Primed & poreless
Too Faced Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation in New York Light
Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Translucent pressed powder
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous (NARS orgasm dupe supposedly)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow Primer
Maybelline's Chai Latte Quad (See video for color application)
Prestige Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black

 NYX Cosmetics Narcissus lipstick
No name brand Lip liner in - All Natural

and here is my video :) i'm so silly :) LOL.. i know my eyebrows were a bit harsh, but oh well! :) anyway - hope you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions/requests! :) I love making videos though! <3

So hope you like the video/and the look! Please subcribe to my channel and watch out for more everyday looks! :) also any type of requests are appreciated! :) don't forget to give me some 5 star lovin! <3


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday through Saturday! been busy!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I sort of disappeared for a few days! I got extremely busy! lol.

Just wanted to say yay for me having 25 followers now! when i first started my blog - didn't even think anyone would read my randomness lol.. but yay - thanks everyone! <3

So Thursday - I don't really remember anything much.. all I know is that I ended up injuring my knee during a workout  and had our chief Doctor that I work with check it out. He said I've got Patella-Femoral tendonitis.. recommend that i keep off of it for about a week, and when i'm ready to do some rehab exercises for my legs.. so yea.. it's been a bit painful and especially since the weather has been real cold at night - i hate it lol.. but i haven't worked out my legs since then..

But what I was SO happy about was that my brush guards FINALLY came in! also a couple of other packages I had been waiting for from a swap i had done on MUA and on my blog sale..

Here are some items i got from my swap! 

The 2nd picture - there were SO many extra's i was so excited! I was originally swapping my MUFE HD Foundation for the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, 2 eyeshadows.. well I guess she couldn't find her Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - so she ordered me a brand new one online and added all these extras with the receipt to the Bobbi Brown gel liner! with extras on there too! :) i'm so excited! she was such a sweetheart!

and On Friday - was a busy day at work.. stopped by the post office during my lunch to drop off some more of the items on my blog sale (yay - still really need to clear out completely though!) and then went to my house to have quick lunch and get my stuff/clothes ready for that nights events. Hubby and I went to the Clipper game (yes I said clippers!) with some of our friends from High School.. it was real fun hanging out with the guys... even though the clippers lost horribly.. fun times :)! after the game we all went to IHOP for some fooood lol.. we ended up coming home like at 1AM after picking our girls from my parental's house..

On Saturday was just a bunch of errands! First I took Tianna to her ballet class which she absolutely loves.. they have a recital this June and so the dance instructor is giving us the material for them to practice to.. i'm so excited to see their costume though! :) it's going to be sooo fun!

after that, went home had brunch (well the girls did).. and we headed over to Glendale Mall because I had to return the foundation that I had gotten last week as it did not work out for me (neither did the samples).. and well it was SO packed.. but I managed to get someone who was actually real helpful this time and actually took the time to sit me down and put make up on me and explain everything, recommend some skin care tips to me etc.. i left and got this:

L-R - Too Faced Magic Wand illuminating foundation, Too Faced Primed Poreless, Too Faced Translucent powder.

The SA was real helpful and so i'm hoping to test out my new products tomorrow for work and see the real test lol ;) She did recommend that i also get a concealer as i'm not getting the coverage i want on my problem areas.. but darn me i was in a hurry i forgot to ask her.. i also forgot to ask her about her recommendations on both a day time and a night time moisturizer as she had said that i needed that. 

my purchase came with a small gift:

a cute little bag/pouch.. mini sample of TFSI and a glitter liquid eyeliner all by TF..

it was funny because as i was at the register, i asked her if they had samples or mini's of the TFSI primer.. and she was like no sorry.. and then after she rang me up - she said oh wow you're free gift includes it! - it was meant to be lol! so i'm excited to try that out because my UDPP is just not doing anything for me anymore.. don't know.. ;)

so after that, we went to our place to get our supplements.. i decided to go back to my chocolate fudge protein shakes from BSN Dessert line.. so i'm happy about that lol ;) 

and on the way home, Hubby wanted to check out the fossil store at the Northridge Mall.. and so while we were there.. i went to stop by MAC to see if they had the 130 brush in stock (I called thursday and they were sold out).. but i got it! and the Ample Pink Plushglass that i wanted that was sold out when I went to the other mac store lol..

I still would love to try their new "Too Fabulous" line.. been eyeing them! we'll see - hope they don't sell out! need to sell my stuff on my blog sale before I can get something else lol! AHHH! lol..

anyway.. Jasmyn - my youngest would NOT go to bed last night.. she was up from 2am til 6am crying and babbling - i had no idea what she wanted.. so i let her lay with  hubby and i.. and of course the positioning of my body was not very comfortable LOL so i did not sleep until 7AM today lol.. and got a text from Karen asking if i was getting ready for the gym lol yikes! im gonna go later today because Hubby went right now.. 

I think i'll do a quick easy eyeshadow tutorial as requested by just a handful of people ;) I haven't been doing any tutorials lately, because i've been feeling really poopy in my eyeshadow applying skills lol.. i feel like i really suck and shouldn't be showing anyone how to do makeup if i can't put it on myself lol.. AHH.. well whatever ;) i think i'm going to do a look using makeup for those on a budget! :) well the eyeshadows at least ;)

till next time! (if you have any requests or anything you'd like me to do on my next video or video ideas for me - i'd appreciate it!)..

<3 Khristine

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick Gym Session last night & Wednesday's FOTD

I ended up doing a late night gym run Tuesday night with my mother-in-law! lol! :)

She of course didn't lift weights like I did, but she did her cardio thang..

So for yesterday's gym session I did:

Bulgarian Lunges (3 sets of 8 repetitions with 15lb dumbbells in each hand)
Barbell Squats (olympic bar + 25lb each side - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)
Good Mornings (50lb Barbell  3 sets of 8 repetitions)

Seated Dumbbell Curls (20lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions - really struggled with this for some reason bleh)
Hammer Curls (15lbs each hand - 3 sets of 8 repetitions)

 I did NOT sleep AT all last night because I had SO much on my mind about these tax thingies LOL.. i'm SO tired today was dizzy from being so sleepy all day today i know for sure i'll have a good nights rest. I think i'm going to do quick shoulder exercise and do about 15 minutes of jump roping in the garage tonight.. take an ambien and call it a night (gotta wait til 9:30pm til the little ones hit the hay!)..

and last but not least.. Ever since i've been training in pediatrics - i've been so tired and in a rush that i've only just been putting my hair up in a messy up-do and not really doing makeup lol..

although i was tired as heck from not sleeping - i was able to freakin fix my hair sinc ei was up since the crack of dawn and thanks to my sweet co-worker Iris - reminded me we had an early staff meeting (boo!) lol.. so i did my hair and well i wanted to wear my contact lenses since i never get to! lol.. and light makeup using my new eyeshadow "Twinks".. lol..

I never know what to call my FOTD's lol.. but this was the look I had for today.. I'm wearing green baby phat scrubs lol ;) :lol: (i always do my FOTD while i'm getting ready for work! - i would love to wear falsies but never have time to put them on!) I just bought Twinks over the weekend and wanted to try it out :).. Any CC's are welcome - as i'm always trying to improve! I just wanted a simple look today :) 

Face: Cosmedicine Medi-Matte (only on t-zone) 
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base (on nose and inner cheeks) 
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage 
Laura Mercier Oil Free Liquid Foundation in Sunny Beige 
MAC Dollymix on cheekbones 
NARS Deepthroat on Apples of cheeks  

"Lid" and "Brow Bone" Color from Maybelline's Chai Latte Quad 
MAC Twinks  
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero 
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black  

MAC Hug Me lipstick 
MAC Cranberry Lipliner

So for sure I really DO NOT like the Laura Mercier Oil Free liquid Foundation.. it just does not mesh well with my dry cheeks.. and staying power isn't that great for me.. all it did was just make me cakey looking (ugh!) thank goodness I didn't purchase it and just got a sample of it (what a waste of $42 would have been!)

I am going to try the MUFE Mat Velvet sample tomorrow and see how it goes.. going to make sure to moisturize my cheeks though as i heard it could be very drying.. so we'll see.. I was going to return the Clinique's Even Better liquid foundation.. but i'm going to give it another try.. one more day (because i don't get to go back to Sephora until this Saturday cause i gotta take my car to get an oil change and the mall is down the street from the car dealership)..

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect foundation and powder.. so .. yea :) any recommendations?

Also i'm really liking the L'Oreal Primer.. it really does blur/hide my pores! love it! should do a review on it.. i actually need to do a review on a lot of things! never have the time anymore.. but i'll try!

i really want to do a quick tutorial for yall though on a simple look .. just thinking of colors to do lol.. and of course the time to do it..

:) alright everyone - that's it for today!

<3 Khristine

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday No Funday

Yes another Monday.. But it was rather a hectic day (as usual) in Pediatrics.. I think i'm doing pretty swell! I do love working with kiddies! it's real fun!

I am rather tired - I spend 45 minutes of most of my lunch time standing in line at the post office sending off things from my blog sale/swaps from MUA/MUG..  and barely had time to eat anything.. ended up going to 7-11 and getting a rockstar and tuna on wheat bread sandwhich.

Okay.. SO today, I tried out the Clinique Even better liquid foundation (it looked great on me yesterday during my mac run lol).. but I guess it didn't look so hot after putting my MAC sheer pressed powder to set it.. I turned dark/sunburnt LOL.. and blotchy! (omg my neck was nasty! LOL) it made me look like i was dirty/had a mustasche.. of course this, i found out when I was already at work and someone was like.."your  face/skin looks different".. meaning (WTF happened to you LOL!)..

don't know if you can really see, but the picture on the left you can see the blotchiness and my neck LOL.. and on the right picture it was dark in some areas.. :) I love my Hello Kitty Scrubs (comes useful when working with children i must say!).. And oh that was my FOTD LOL (well my eyeshadow - i've been wearing a lot of purple lately :))..

but shoot I don't know what to do.. I recently posted a thread on (HERE) about my liquid foundation seach/powder foundation search.. and got a lot of replies initially about the liquid foundation.. but now that i've turned orangey/dark with the powder.. (but i normally always wear foundation then set it with powder cause i just have to for my oily t-zone).. so.. i'm thinking maybe i'll try it again (the clinique) by itself.. and see how that goes.. I must say the Cosmedicine MediMatte i put on my t-zone and i was not oily/shiny! (i put that under my l'oreal base then put the MAC prep + prime skin base visage on top then the clnique - just on the t-zone though).. 

Any of you Oily t-zoned/dry cheek/nose gals have an HG foundation/powder to recommend? I was so into the MAC studio fix til i started breaking out (as you can see in the freakin' picture dangit!).. 

Anyway - I'm WAY overdue for any kind of YT Video or tutorial LOL.. any requests? could use a suggestion or two.. lol ;)

alright everyone.. it's lala land time for me (well after i put my 2 year old and 3.5 year old - weird saying that! to bed..)..

btw what i used for today's ugly FOTD lol..

Cosmedicine: Medi-matte oil control lotion on t-zone
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Base on t-zone
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
Clinque Even Better liquid Foundation in Neutral (05)
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35
Dollymix Blush

used the MAC Diana Eyes:1 Palette
Up-Do (inner corner)
Endless Love (rest of lid)
Soul Song (outter corner/v)
Vex (slight highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

Maybelline Color Sensation - Pink Please
MAC Lipglass - Feeling Dreamy 
(the kind of blended them in )

<3 Khristine

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