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Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Weekend.. as usual

This weekend has been quite crazy! I believe Friday I didn't go to work, wasn't feeling well had a horrible migraine and had SO many things to do.. i don't even really remember what happened haha.. but i do know i did just a few errands..

Saturday I was prepping everything to get ready for the big day (Sunday) when we would officially be getting our house keys for our home. Hubby and I are so excited! :)

since we finished things up quite late (of course had to get my gym fix in the early AM).. we didn't get to make it to a Friend's daughter b-day party.. so we decided to take the girls to Disneyland (the joys of having an annual pass - AWESOME!) so it was nice knowing we could come and go as we please..
Khristianna, Jasmyn & Me

It was kind of windy.. but we all had a great time.. we stayed there for a few hours.. we had fun :) 

Sunday was just lots of cleaning.. I decided to go to Glendale mall to Back2Mac my eyeshadows/quads.. unfortunately they only accepted 18 (their limit per day per person).. and I had 36.. so i got 3 eyeshadows.. Patina, Paradisco and Sumptuous Olive.. I then went to another closer mall, just to check out some lipsticks.. and ended up getting Brave, Vegas Volt (wanted something bright!) and Velvet teddy.. since i had the remaining 18 empties left.. i wanted to get eyeshadows.. but didn't wanna go back to Glendale since it was crazy busy there.. and i think i'm pretty happy with my eyeshadow collection lol.. (which i'll have to update again)..

Since I was there and was wanting it for quite some time.. decided to go ahead and get MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Lipglass.. 

that was pretty much my weekend.. Although the best part was when Hubby and I officially got all of our keys and did the final walk-through of our home! :) yay! so yes, if you didn't know i'm officially a homeowner!

alright goodnight!


  1. Disneyland is so much fun! Cute pic of you and your girls btw:)
    Great haul & congrats on the new house!!!
    = )

  2. Your girls are so adorable, they get their good looks from their parents! Man I miss Disney Land!

  3. How exciting!!! Family outings are so fun - your girls are adorable!!!

    And congrats again on the house...that's really BIG news & a huge milestone!

  4. thanks again all you lovely ladies! :)

  5. Please check out my blog! I gave you an award!


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