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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get up & Go Saturday!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the little absence from blogger world!

I've  been extremely busy  with work (draamaa!), yes My husband and I are officially first time HOME OWNERS! woo hoo! so we've been real busy with all that jazz.. and then of course I just finally updated the software on my Mommy Forums ( and barely getting used to it.. it accidentally deleted the old portal, so i have to configure everything on there lol.. in time :)

Anywho, Hubby asked if I wanted to go to the gym with him... I of course love going to the gym with my hubs because he's my trainer lol! well.. we woke up at 5:20AM and got ready.. and boy was I in for an real extreme butt-kicking workout!

We did Chest & Back and I added in some ab work... which Hubby taught me a new back exercise that is a complex movement type exercise and really worked me the heck out! lol.. how awesome though getting that out of the way!

So afterwards, we had to do some tax stuff for being first time homeowners so that took up a few hours doing the necessary errands for that.. Karen & Derick were so kind enough to pick up Tianna and take her to ballet class since Sabrina and Tianna are in the same ballet class... Thanks guys! and they treated her out to lunch as well afterwards..

Hubs and I are getting up at 5AM to go to the new gym to work out.. i'm real excited as we're doing legs today and I know he's going to kick my butt haha! love it! if you all didn't know - my Man is a BEAST! .. he'd kill me if i posted pictures of him but - i'll have to sneak them on here one day!

anywho.. we did some more errands after we picked up Tianna.. we went to our fave place for our Supplements - but i didn't get anything from there since i'm just gonna use his protein for now too lol.. and then we headed to MAC.. and of course everything that I really really wanted to get they were sold out.. I really cannot believe i'm NC25! no wonder in most of my pictures my face is splotchy dark LOL.. cause i was previously color-matched as NC35! it was dark, but the MAC girls insisted (even though you could obviosuly tell my neck was 10 times lighter lol).. but anywho i went away sad.. but i didn't want to leave empty handed.. so i did get some brush cleaner (LOL).. and wanted to try the MAC Select Cover concealer... maybe next time.. i have a lot of eyeshadows that i need to B2M.. so i think when i have the time to do it (since i have 2 empty palettes to work on) i'm going to make the trip over to the Glendale Galleria (which is only about 25 mins away - but traffic sucks!)..

but i'm really trying to look for foundation/powder or something that's medium to full coverage that will last all freakin day lol.. cause honestly i hate when my make up is gone by the end of the day.. still struggling on finding the right combo.. I was recommended to get the Oil Control lotion.. will have to inquire about it.. if any of you lovelies have any recommendations for me - i'd love to hear them!

i was asked to swatch my collection (eyeshadows/lipsticks).. i think i just might do that! I remember posting my small collection back in the beginning of April.. and will have to update it as i've been doing a lot of swapping etc.. so my collection is growing! :)

oh while we're still on the topic of concealers, has anyone tried the MUFE concealer palettes? and which ones do they recommend? i've been eyeing them everytime i go into sephora.. but the girls there are so busy i never get a chance to ask.. and plus - i like doing some research on some items before purchasing.. hence the reason i didn't walk away at MAC with the foundation that was recommended (Studio Tech) since the other 2 I wanted weren't available.. lol..

Anywho! today was an extremely productive day.. and i'm EXTREMELY pooped! i'm looking forward to my gym session tomorrow!

<3 Khristine

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  1. Missed you Khristine! But of course, I know how busy it can get with work! PLUS you have your 2 top priorities (3 including hubby hahaha) to take care of first and foremost.

    CONGRATS on the house dear! That is definitely A HUGE accomplishment/milestone. :) It must feel great!

    Also, I always wonder if you need makeup with that much coverage...your skin always looks so fab~!!!


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