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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAC Collection :: Superglass - Are you getting?

So I know it's just came out (not yet if you are international).. is anyone getting anything from this particular MAC Collection? I've been hearing reviews on different forums, websites about how glittery/gritty this is.. 

Top to Bottom:
Cherry Electric, Disco Blend, Fab Frenzy, Gift Wrap, Sugar Overload,
Superflash!, Sweet Tart, Totally Bang!, Tunnel of Love
Said to retail about: $18.00 each

I don't know if i want to spend that much per lipglass if the reviews i've been reading are just.. "meh".. lol the colors look amazing in the tube, but of course we know that looks can be deceiving. i think i'm going to actually skip this collection and wait for the next one! :) 

if you have any of these - what are your thoughts? love it? hate it? 
and if you are looking to get something from this collection - which ones?


  1. I tried Fab Frenzy on at the store and wore it for a bit... it was only okay. It was definitely glittery and sparkly but I actually prefer Dazzleglass.
    They are long wearing but very thick... I have an OCD problem with eating while wearing lip products. I went to dinner a few hours after trying it and I could not get it off! I was wetting my lips and trying to wipe it but the napkin was just getting stuck to it. So disgusting... but that's just me being grossed out by eating with lip stuff on.

  2. The colors look wonderful but I just can't justify spending that much on a lipgloss esp if it's gonna be gritty. Although I am eyeing a few things from the To The Beach collection.

    BTW, I got my tickets for IMATS! SOOOOOOO EXCITED!

  3. yea i have a thing about eating with lipgloss/lip stuff on.. i couldn't imagine eating all that glitter! lol

    i think im also going to wait for "to the beach" collection!

    Krystyle! do you know when's the last you can buy the tickets? i wanna buy soon but i can't lol! but i wanna go go go Lol!

  4. I think I remember seeing on the website that the prices go up after May twenty something... although I believe u can buy at the door too but I think it'll be wayyy expensive. Don't quote me on it tho lol. If u can't buy at the door I know for sure u have till maybe the week before IMATS. U should get em!

  5. i'll probably get them like may 21st! lol.. woo hoo so excited! I'll see you there! do you live close there?

  6. Sweet, I just checked the website & you'll have till May 24th 5pm to get em b4 they raise the prices. Unfortunately I don't live close by, I live in the Bay Area so that's more money for me with the gas=/ See you there!


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