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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

This week has been quite crazy (lol i think i have started my posts every single time writing the same thing).. This weekend My Husband and I Just basically got a new bed (Cal King YAY!) this was a major upgrade as we were still using our Full bed from high school (yikes!)

I believe I was testing out my Wet N' Wild Palette in Lust. 

I think this was last week before I went to work (as usual).. don't mind the spot on my face, it was light shining through the blinds)..

on this particular day, My Mom and I went to Home depot to pick out Paint colors for Hubby & My new home (Tuesday 5/25/10).. and Hubby and I did.. we went with a light yellowish color.. it's "Corn Silk" from Glidden.. real pretty color!

So don't mind me for the lack of posts.. i've been SO busy with the house! that and the fact we kind of have a rat problem that the old occupants of the house left behind *GRR* .. they didn't tell us how bad it was.. and well we're finding out ourselves how bad (and gross not to mention) it is.. Anyway.. i'm going to post a review on the Wet N Wild palettes shortly.. :) and also my MAC to the beach collection Haul ;)




  1. yay for cal king lol.

    love this look. the wet and wild palette has been getting so many good review :)

  2. i know - i was real skeptical at first, but when i saw it on the shelf.. i was like hmm.. what the hey lol.. :)

    so far so good.. i keep reaching for the lust palette mostly though lol..


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