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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've been kinda busy! catch-up post (long)

Sorry I've been MIA everyone! this is going to be a rather lengthy post as i'm going to be blogging from Mother's day (from my continuation from Saturday's Get up & Go Post)

So Sunday morning (Mother's day - Yay My 3rd one I believe!) Hubby & I decided to go to the new gym and work out Legs, Biceps and I did some extra cardio.. It was nice - NO one was there at 5:30AM.. real nice to get my workout outta the way so early - I was definitely pumped!

As I was looking around at the treadmills I noticed that they have TV's attached to them! You could plug your headphones into it and listen.. real cool and fancy.. lol

After the awesome gym session - we went home, showered.. had a nice breakfast (he cooked a yummy breakfast for me and the girls).. we then got ready and decided to go to IKEA to just look around at the furniture for possible ideas for our home :) yay! we were there jotting down prices etc.. and taking pictures of some of the items we liked

And on to the dining table (i liked the set up etc :) )

We did spend quite a bit of time there :) was real nice walking around and testing out the beds, furniture etc etc :) It was already time for lunch.. so of course I wanted to eat the meatballs from IKEA that we always get when we're here. 

This was our lunch :) (not just mine lol!)

Afterwards, hubby said we were going to go somewhere.. so i didn't think anything of it.. he took me to Glendale Mall! I was able to get my MAC Mineralize Creme foundation in NC25  & MAC MSFN in Medium

I was sooo Happy to get my stuff lol :) I was definitely so suprised that he took me to the mall! but yay I got my stuff.. I've been using it since I got it.. but the Mineralize Foundation did break my out with a huge cystic painful pimple so i stopped using it for a few days.. i'm debating about keeping it.. or returning it for some eyeshadows instead lol..

After the mall, we went to Living Spaces to check out their selection of furniture.. very pricey i must say! but out of everything, we liked the following:

afterwards we went home and let the girls take a nap.. and kinda just relaxed the rest of the day since we both had work the next day.. I honestly had the most perfect Mother's day ever! loved it!

Monday was just another day at the office.. our work was celebrating nurses week so every day of the week was something new.. i forgot what we did for Monday as it was real crazy busy and we were short 3 nurses to boot.. I did start my eyeshadow depotting project while hubby and his friends played some bball outside the house trying to get ready for Wednesday's bball game.

Tuesday, I requested the morning off (because I normally work half-days on tuesdays).. because it was the first day of registration at Tianna's Preschool.. so I wanted her to be the first one to be registered.. as they are only choosing i think the first 15-20 children for the class..  She came with me and was so excited at the thought of going to school.. that after we registered her and did the paperwork, she told me, "Mommy, now we have to go to the target and buy me a backpack".. lol ;)
Can't believe my baby is growing up so fast :(

After that, went to my appt to finally get my eyebrows waxed.. decided since it was in the area to head over to michael's to buy some magnets for my eyeshadow depotting project i was going to do..after that.. just sorta went home and cleaned like crazy.. was very nice :)

Wednesday after work, Hubby & I went to his basketball game.. he is in a basketball league with our friends.. so we all went to support them (my brother's on his team too).. 

Karen taking a candid of us walking in lol 
(Hubby is in grey shirt, me hugging my brother)

Me & Hubby <3

Me, My Dad & Mom
(her face was swollen from allergies)

and here are some shots from the game :)
My hubby is wearing number 10 

Oh why of course I have my own Jersey!

The team they lost to, was SUPER taller than them.. and played with only 4 people on their team.. but we lost lol! crazy i know.. but the guys all had fun.. i did too! so that's all that matters next game is Monday! woo hoo!

Thursday was kind of a blur.. it was crazy busy.. we had some nursing students who i had a lot of fun showing around and teaching them stuff.. afterwards just went home and knocked out.. nothing too special to report on that day...

Friday.. same thing.. the week had been dragging because it's just been so busy crazy and exhausting and stressful at work.. i decided donate blood since we were having a blood drive at our work..

good thing i donated blood towards the end of the day, because I was seriously dead-tired! after work.. i really just knocked the heck out lol.. I was supposed to go to the movies with hubs but i was SO drained, lightheaded and dizzy.. i needed to rest lol..

Saturday after Tianna's Ballet class, we went home, had some lunch.. kinda just relaxed since i'm still kind of tired and exhausted from donating blood.. on a whim, i decided to do something different to my hair.. i still wanted to keep it long, but something different... well.. :) 

Before (sorry i look a hot mess AHAHA - it's real hot at home)

My hair has grown SO much, my layers are just crazy.. and so i just wanted a change.. 

lol me trying to be sexy.. guess it ain't really workin haha

But I really wanted something different.. well I've been really wanting bangs.. and decided to shoot for it! i think i like how it came out.. just have to get used to it.. don't know how i'll really style it yet as i've never really had bangs this short before...

well.. i guess i'll end this blog - since i'm gonna get up to go to the gym at 5AM! gonna do legs with hubs! <3


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