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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I depot my MAC Eyeshadow Quad (Pre-Made)

So in my previous post and on facebook.. I had mentioned that I finished Depotting my MAC Pre-Made Eyeshadow Quads (i prefer them in the 15 pan palettes).. and a few people had asked me how I did it..

For this real short, quick tutorial.. I used the MAC Take Wing Quad...

You'll Need Some rubbing alcohol, The Quad you want to depot, a Pairing knife (i'm using a box cutter)
a magnet and perhaps a label (if you want)

1. Open the Quad and take your pairing knife
(or in my case - the box cutter thingie lol) 
and stick it carefully where the line is (see picture) and wiggle it loose

2. Pop off the plastic top and you are left with the above picture.

3. Take the same tool you used to pop the top off to gently peel the shadow from the metal sheet.
(like the picture above)

4. Please note that some eyeshadows are more harder than others to remove, so
remove carefully as to not bend/break the eyeshadow pan.

Once eyeshadow is removed, you will use the rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball/pad and rub the glue off the bottom of the eyeshadow pan.

5. Take your magnet (or in my case measure the length you need)

6. Write the name of the eyeshadow on your label and stick it on the magnet

7. Then place it in your 15 pan palette (or CD case etc)

8. Then place the plastic top back on and it
should be ready to go (for Back 2 Mac!)

Hope this was helpful :)


  1. i want to depot all my mac shadows but I don't know if they'll accept them like that for the back 2 MAC program..

  2. yea - i've heard of some MA's not accepting them if they are depotted - i guess it depends on the MA though.. the one i go to said she will take mine if they are depotted..

    so i guess it really depends!

  3. this is such a great idea! i'm going to try it because i never use my quads or any shadows that don't happen to be in my 15-palettes

  4. yes i was the same way! I had a ton of eyeshadows in pots.. and realized the quads .. well i never even touched them! and now that they are in 15 palettes with the other colors i can see which ones i like best for the occasion! :) real nice! i like it! very organized :)


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