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Monday, June 7, 2010

Khristianna's Dance Recital

I cannot begin to tell you how proud of my little girl I am! i believe the beginning of the year, or when I started blogging, I couldn't stop talking about My daughters recital coming up and June.. and seriously.. time flew by so fast! I was so busy with bringing her to ballet classes, and then last Thursday was their full Dress Rehearsal. It was in glendale at Alex theatre. I've never been there before, so I kinda got lost etc .. but luckily found street parking.. and the parking is so fancy, there are these meters that you can pay for your parking spot with your debit card and what not and it gives you a receipt with the time. Well the dress rehearsal call time was at 1:45PM because the rehearsal started at 2:00PM. of course I got their at 1:15,, enough to find parking etc etc.. well I at first didn't know how to operate that fancy parking maching thingie lol.. but i managed to purchase the spot until 3:13PM.. i didn't know how long i'd be there..

Well of course, My daughter's class was the 15th group to be up.. SO i was getting worried that i'd have to miss her rehearsal while i put more money in the meter lol.. but luckily i made it in the nick of time when it was her time to go on. the parents of course got to stand in the front and take videos/pictures.. since it wasn't going to be allowed at the actual recital (but even though people took pictures/videos anyway lol)..

Khristianna (My daughter) 1st on the left, Sabrina (My niece) 2nd from the right

She had a lot of fun, both her and My niece did! It was Amazing experience I think for Tianna at least - she's never done anything like this.. she's actually really really shy at first.. then she's a social butterfly when you get to know her (Kinda like ME!) lol..

So anyway.. I'm going to do separate posts about what we did the rest of that leading to the actual recital.

The Actual Recital was Sunday June 6, 2010 at 2:00PM. Luckily I re-read the e-mail that contained all the information for the recital. because If I hadn't we would have been late! since rehearsal call time was at 1:45PM i thought maybe it was the same time.. so I told my hubby and I told Karen it was too lol.. well like I said - thank goodness I checked, because the call time for them was at 1:00PM!! lol.. so we were rushing, but we made it on time, met Karen, Derick, Sabrina and Leila there at the parking structure and walked over to the back of the theatre where we had to check in our performers and leave them there  :( (which was real sad for me) lol..

When Tianna went to the back with the rest of her class, i kissed her and said Mommy and Daddy and Jasli would be out in the audience waiting for her to perform.. she said okay, see ya! and left.. and i didn't think anything of it.. but as soon as we got in the theatre, Karen called me (she was still in the front waiting for her parents) and told me that one of the parents said that Tianna was crying hysterically and wouldn't stop and they needed me asap. When I finally got to her (found a shortcut) poor thing was sitting on Miss Patty's (her dance instructor) lap, sobbing..a nd when she saw me, tears started flowing..

I know the description isn't as vivid as i'd like to make it out to you guys, but all the kids where in a huge white tent, with tons of other kids in different groups all dressed up, it was loud, crazy and hectic in there.. and Miss Patty assured me that this does happen to a few students.. especially if it's their first time. Tianna was completely overwhelmed and we feared that she was so scared she wouldn't want to perform at all.

So since their class didn't perform until maybe 4 groups after intermission. they let me bring her back to the show/audience to watch.. and i was to bring her back during intermission through the shortcut.. well it did seem to calm her down watching the other performers go on stage and dance.. and her Daddy gave her the sweetest pep-talk (I LOVE my husband :) ) and she promised us she would dance, on one condition - Mommy can't leave me.

So I went to the shortcut to bring her back to the group, but of course the two old men at the door , were like sorry no one gets through this door.. and i tried to explain that she's a performer etc etc.. (mind you i just told them the situation as i was taking her the first time - idiots).. well they made me walk OUTSIDE the damn theatre and all the way around to the back - i thought - oh great, we'll definitely never make it.. but boy did i pick tianna up and RAN lol.. we made it.. and of course Tianna was real stuck to my side, not wanting to let me go!.. luckily at the very last moment when they were to perform, i made her cousin go next to her because i knew she'd be comfortable with her cousin Sabrina by her side.. and by God - she performed and DID amazing too! her whole class was amazing! and I was so lucky I got to see EVERYTHING backstage too! :)

Here is the actual recital performance, my hubby shot, since i was backstage, but it's kinda wobbly since he had Jasmyn on his Lap and was trying to watch the show as well :)

and will update with many other posts as well LOL! toodles - off to work I go!

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