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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The 1000 Workout!

Sorry I haven't been posting my gym sessions as I normally do.. i've been going A LOT.. well i work out every day (every other day i lift weights).. and so I thought it'd be too redundant posting the same exercises etc.. 

But I did want to share with you this amazing workout that I did last night and it took me 35 minutes to complete (so slow - but not bad considering I haven't done anything like this before)

I Found that from Blogilates - which is an awesome website that has fitness/workouts, meal plans etc.. check it out! the best part is that it's FREE! I also enjoy doing her Bikini Blaster series! 

I think I will coming week 5 & 6 weight loss vlog because I was behind on the other two.. and I only have 35 days left in the competition - and I want to share with you all my progress so far (for those of you that follow me on twitter and instagram have probably already seen it!) 

So I will do a video soon! :) Please continue to support me and push me through the last month! I definitely use all of your support and motivation to push me to work harder at the gym and to never skip a workout no matter how tired I am!

I'm looking forward to doing this again and this time I'll try to beat my pathetic time lol! I was seriously dying after the 100 mountain climbers lol.. my legs were strong enough to carry me through the 100 squats though lol but after that my energy started to die out haha.. but I like all my work outs - I gave it 110% and finished strong as I could!

Anywho - Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there and the mom's that have to play the Father's role as well - you are very appreciated! :)

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