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Monday, June 4, 2012

Gym Session :: Rack Pulls & Squats

I keep forgetting to post my workouts after I get home because most of the time I work out at night and when I get home - i'm too exhausted to do anything else besides shower and get ready for bed (not to mention, get my kiddies things ready for school the next day).. 

But for those that follow me on instagram, know that I posted that I was able to finally go over my goal of squatting 145lbs (my previous squat before I was preggers was 135lbs and that was my max).. so not only did I squat 145lbs.. I actually decided to go 10lbs over that! Super proud of myself for really pushing myself.. I know I could've done maybe a little more weight but I thought that was a good starting point lol..

so I wanted to show the footage that my Husband took of me squatting.. He also had some footage of me doing rack pulls a few days before that, but meh it wasn't that impressive only doing 135lbs.. (my max was 225lbs but of course he wasn't at the gym with me to film since he was at home watching our girls) 

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