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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 4 :: Requested :: How to Cook Ground Turkey Omelette - My Staple/HG Food

So this weeks video is a little different - because it's so long - I didn't want to add anymore of my rambling to it lol.. so I will just recap everything here .. for the things that were not covered in the video..

So for end of week 1, I weighed 154lbs, weeks 2 & 3 I stayed at 146.6lbs.. and then end of week 4 I weighed in at 145lbs. So a total loss of 9 lbs.  Slowly but surely coming off. This video is about a week behind because of week 3 being behind..

So I'm going to try to get weeks 5 & 6 out as soon as I can, but it'll be tough since i'm going back to school next week (wahhh!) 

So this video is just basically MY version of the filipino torta. Filipino torta you usually could use ground beef, all sorts of other things (soy sauce/patice etc etc) but this is my healthy version since i'm on a mission to lose weight lol..

I use Ground Turkey, a pot (to boil the ground turkey), onions, tomatoes, and your choice of veggies.. this time around I used celery and broccoli. I also use russet potatoes as you could see :) i also use pam cooking spray (i used to use extra virgin olive oil until hubby and i discovered that it was loaded with calories!) so we used this alternative.. and eggs (well in the video i use one egg, but you can use as many as you'd like)

and then after all the cooking of the meat this is what i used to measure my food:
- bowl
- food scale
- serving spoon
- the cooked meat

and then as you could see in the video, i cook it just like you would an omelette or a pancake :)

This Torta is one of my staple foods during my weight loss journey. I will make another post about other types of food I eat but it's really all the same things! :) (chicken and salad or turkey burger, salmon, veggies…) 

but I do hope this was helpful for those that requested this via e-mail/twitter/facebook and/or instagram! :) 

thank you for the continued support! this challenge is going by way too fast..


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