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Friday, August 3, 2012

Review :: (Circle Lenses)

I was contacted by a PR of (Brenda) to review 2 pairs of lenses of my choice. At first I was a bit skeptical because, I don't normally wear contact lenses (when I do it's usually clear and I wear them only to the gym - or special occasions) because I am most comfortable with my glasses.
But because I have seen so many beauty guru's blog/vlog about this company, I was very eager to try them out. It was even a bonus when I found out they offered their circle lenses with a prescription. I was hesitant because I have an astigmatism and wasn't sure these were going to work for me. I also have super sensitive eyes that get really dry easily (hence why I don't wear contact lenses all the time). 
I have tried many circle lenses in the past which have irritated my eyes right on contact with my eyes.  One time i tried a pair (that were real GEO lenses!!) and they just totally made my eyes blood shot red within an hour of wearing them.  So after that initial experience - I never wanted to wear them again and I did end up throwing away!
so, what are circle lenses you ask? Well just like your typical colored contact lenses (like freshlook/acuvue and whatever other company offers colored contact lenses).. they are cosmetic lenses that change the color of your eyes.. I used to wear them all the time back in high school.. The difference with circle lenses (which these type of lenses are very popular in Asia - where this originally came from before it started spreading here in the states, like many other things -- like BB creams).. 
But the difference between circle lenses and regular colored contact lenses.. is that - circle lenses are bigger in diameter to give your eyes a natural and noticeable enlargement to your iris.. meaning - they make your eyes look bigger, more doll like.. which is all the rave in Asia! who wouldn't want to look like a cute pretty dolly eyed beauty? 
The only problem was with the first pair i ever tried before - I guess the water content was really low, so it was very drying and didn't let a lot of oxygen pass through. I'm not sure if it was just the type of lens I got.. or if they just made the lenses with better quality.. because the lenses that I got from have high water content, meaning it holds on to water more, doesn't dry your eyes out and lets more oxygen pass through to your eyes.. and it's much more comfortable to wear.
I do recommend that you read all the instructions prior to wearing your circle lenses. In the video I briefly show you the card that shows how to open the separate vials of contacts, as well has the little pamphlet it comes with that shows how the lenses should look like when you apply them, the correct way to remove them and the proper way to clean and care for them.  These circle lenses are different than your average colored contact lenses because they supposedly last for one year (compared to 3 months).  
This specific company states on their website that their GEO circle lenses are Health Canada certified and US FDA 510(K) approved and are completely safe to wear.  Like I mentioned they contain high water content and are maximized for comfort.  the way they are made allows them for more oxygen to pass through resulting in long lasting comfort.
In the video, I mention you should soak them in regular contact solution instead of wearing right from the vial - I mention this only for safety precautions. I have worn them straight from the vial and nothing did happen to my eyes, but just for your safety - I would definitely recommend soaking them - you know, to clear them from any bacteria or germs. Remember to properly clean your circle lenses as with anything else you put in your eye because these are the only pair of eyes you have! 
So I definitely recommend these contact lens company for those that are new to wearing lenses - they are easy to use. Also for anyone who is already a contact lens wearer and wants to add more color to their collection or like myself - just nice to have for nights or special occasions where you wanna glam up!
The shipping was extremely fast! Like I mentioned before, I have ordered circle lenses before from an international company and was not satisfied at how long and tedious the process was (couldn't track my package because it would be too expensive and the company i purchased from did not offer that). 
I love how nice and friendly staff is at is - with answering any questions etc.. so definitely recommend them to you! and here are some pictures that I took wearing both the GEO Nudy Gray as well as the GEO OL Brown..  


  1. I have used these contact lenses for the last few months and it works great.By the way you are looking good in these circle lens.You can prefer bright colors also you will definitely look great in that.

  2. Wow... you look attractive with that circle lens; it has added some anime look too.

  3. Thank you! :) I love how it does give that anime look as well! Thank you for stopping by! -- Xtine


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