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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 2 Weight Loss Update!

Hi Everyone! So yes! it's end of week 2 of my 12 week weight loss challenge.  For those that are just tuning in - you can find the reason why i'm trying to lose weight and what this 12 week challenge is in the post HERE

In 2 weeks, I've lost a total of 7 pounds! Very proud of myself for still eating well and exercising.  I have not went over my caloric goal at all these past two weeks, and for that I'm very proud. I'm also proud that despite the caloric deficit - I'm still able to breast feed my Daughter (who is now 2 months old!)

In the video I talk about supplements that I take, since I've been messaged a few times and asked on YT and MFP if I'm currently taking any stimulants/fat burners etc while I'm trying to lose weight. If you watched my first video - I mentioned that already that I am breastfeeding.

So that means I cannot take any caffeine or any stimulants/pre-workout supplements/fat burners or else it will effect my daughter and of course I do not want that.. so I want to clear the air - I Am NOT taking any fat burners or stimulants (ie. pre-workout supplements etc).. The only products I am taking are Pictured here:

Combat Powder Protein :: How I take this:
16 oz water
1 Scoop (1 serving size)
mixed in a shaker bottle

I will take this only when I have not met my calories for the day (my goal is 1500 calories per day)  and if I'm still hungry at the end of the day. I try not to eat after 8PM, but if I do 'eat' anything, it's going to be a protein shake.  

Or I will take this protein shake if I've had a really monstrous workout (typically leg days cause I'll squat and deadliest super heavy).. then I will take this post workout.

Armor-V = MultiVitamin I take daily
Fish Oil = So many benefits (i.e.: aids in lowering high cholesterol, treating heart disease, treating anxiety/depression and it can also help with weight loss naturally) 
Iron = Need it because I'm anemic. Was anemic during pregnancy and doctor says I need to take it for a few months after pregnancy. I probably will stop taking it soon though (after next check up)
Fenugreek Seed And Blessed Thistle = For Breastfeeding to increase my milk supply. 

So those are the only things that i'm taking.. This past week I've been mainly working out in my husband and my home gym.  You'll hear him in some of the video while I'm working out because he is so supportive of me - that he trains me! 

For Week 3, My goal is to incorporate more cardio into my routine. Right now I sort of go to the gym every other day.. and my "rest" days - I want to really use those to my advantage and put in some hard work doing cardio complexes (which I will discuss in week 3!)  

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive of my journey! And thank you to all the new subbies on our YT channel - I'm so thankful! I'm hoping this inspires you other ladies and mommies out there! If I can do this while I have a newborn and 2 other tots :) you can too! Don't forget to visit my Mommy website as well! ( 

If you have any questions that you'd like me to address in my next weekly weight loss update - please leave a comment here, on YT, e-mail me or message me on twitter or YT! :) 

Till Next time!

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