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Monday, July 12, 2010

Urban Decay :: Naked Palette Video Unboxing/Swatches

As some of you who follow my blog regularly, have seen that I had posted about the Urban Decay Naked Palette  and how it was sold out the minute it was put online. I signed up to get updates when it would return online. and it just so happened it was re-stocked on My 10 Year anniversary :) and as a gift from My Husband, he let me purchase it online as my gift! (i'm a sucker for make-up, i can do without shoes, purses, etc)..

So I did, and got some free samples as well. So I did a little video on me getting the palette and just quickly showing a live view of the Palette itself in all it's glory and everything it comes with. :)

Here ya go! (Sorry I'm not wearing much make-up - just came from work and was just excited to share the Palette with all of you)

don't mind my little girls in the background screaming haha!

And Here are some pictures/swatches. these are in natural light (no flash) indoors. My skin is roughly NC25. I put these eyeshadows on my arm with NO base (i didn't use the primer potion, to me it's a little chalky on my dry skin lol)

I will have a real/complete review soon. But my first thoughts upon swatching each eyeshadow is - it's very silky/satiny feel to them. not really fall-out like dusty/loose eyeshadows would, they sort of are in clumps, but when rubbed in skin, they are amazingly satiny and smooth. and blend very nicely together. I'm sure they'd be a lot more vibrant with a primer - so on my upcoming review I will do them on with a primer.

there are 12 colors in total:
Virging, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

they come with one mini primer potion tube and one double sided eyeliner. One side is in Whiskey (brown), and the other is in Zero (Black). they glide on with easy and don't budge (on my waterline is a different story lol)..

out of these 12 eyeshadows, Urban Decay says on their box that 4 of them are exclusives (urban decay is known to repromote their eyeshadows in most palettes) so if you don't have any urban decay eyeshadows (this is my first palette) then this would be great for you!

I think this would be great if your into neutral colors that are safe for work/at the office/daytime looks. and the darker colors can easily transition any look into a sexy sultry smokey eye.. these
eyeshadows are rich in texture and consist of matte, shimmer, satin and sparkle finishes. i think from the swatches like 2 are really glittery/sparkly.

So overall, thus far (i have not been able to play with them on my eyes yet) it's a cute little palette. the cover has a magnet in it, so it's magnetic flip top and it's pretty solid. and love the fact it's $44.00 and comes with 12 eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented and lovely, and comes with a duo eyeliner AND a mini primer potion! it's a steal - if you have not gotten this palette and are thinking about it - i think it's worth a try. I might get another one to tote around with me since it's small enough and has a mirror! plus this is my first Urban Decay palette - so really lovin' it. I know it comes out in stores (sephora) August in the US. so keep your eyes peeled - but keep checking back on their website and at Sephora! :)

Hope this was sort of helpful! :) are you planing on getting this palette or any of their newest products?

**Disclaimer: this product was purchased by me, I was NOT paid to review this product nor post a video. this was all on my own behalf**


  1. gorgeous gorgeous colors - i can`t wait to get this palatte !!

  2. when you get it - i think you will totally love it! :)

  3. Those are some pretty pictures!!
    Gonna subb!Love the UD naked palette!

  4. Mel is that you? :) thanks for subbin' hun! you are AWESOME! and yes the Naked palette is so gorgeous! my brain is going crazy with all the color combos im thinking of lol! :) will have a video soon! I'd love to see what you come up with too!

  5. I love how the palette looks so clean and simple. I'm not one to usually get premade palettes but this one looks like something I'd get cause of the neutral colors. Man Khristine, now I want it! lol

  6. Krystyle! You HAVE to get it! with ur amazing blending skills - i know you'll freakin' ROCK this palette!:)

  7. I am so envious of you right now... I have a $25 Sephora gift card and I hesitated for 2 hours on buying this and it SOLD OUT ONLINE. So annoyed. lol I need to save it for my MUFE HD foundation (getting married next month), anyway. No more palettes for Wendy :(

  8. I love the colors in this palette! So pretty!

  9. @Wendy - if you do decide to get it - it'd be lovely colors for your wedding (well neutral) :) you better show some pictures of your wedding! i looove weddings! but MUFE Foundation is also a great buy too! and definitely important too!

    @Tina Marie - I know! i'm getting so crazy so many color combo's! do you own any urban decay? (this is my very very very first eyeshadow.. or palette from them)

  10. This is one of the best blog post and swatches ive seen of this palette thanks so much. im so jealous lol i want it so bad but everytime i get the email that it is in stock i go on sephora and its out again.

    please feel free to check out my blog =]


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