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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally Moved in new House, Possible New Blog..

Holy Moly! It feels like forever since i've last updated. I guess because I was without internet (just on my phone, but it's not the same than being on the computer type of internet haha).. So today we got internet, cable (got HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz.. the WORKS!) lol.. thank goodness!

This past weekend was a lot of moving things from my in-laws house to hubby and my new home.. it's really starting to come together, I must say!

On father's day, Hubby just really wanted to relax and hang out.. since we bought so many things for the house, that we all could use (tv, tv stand, coffee table, couch).. he didn't want any presents.. but of course i had been wanting a new camera since my Sony Cybershot wasn't cuttin' it.. I didn't even have to ask.. but hubby suprised me after we had went to IKEA.. it was on the way home.. and he made a detour and i didn't even notice until he parked.. i was like omg! he got me a new digital camera! of course i forgot to buy a memory card LOL so i need to pick one up when i get a chance.. but my hubs is so awesome! but he figured we all could use the camera.. so all of us benefit from it! :) so great present for him and myself (mainly me haha!)

So sorry no picture updates since I didn't really have a camera these past few weeks.. but not to worry, will have some pictures and reviews SOON! and i'm so excited..

which brings me to my next topic.. if you have been following my blog.. you'll remember i posted I wanted to have my own domain.. i'll be of course blogging on there, and it's going to be a fitness and beauty blog.. with youtube videos of me doing fitness tips, beauty reviews for on a budget ladies, moms :) and of course make-up tutorials for easy looks (since i'm not too much of the dramatic look type - or im just not that good at it haha!)

the thing was.. the main name i wanted was taken of course, but not being used.. it was parked to be sold.. and guess for how much? $2,400+!! i was like oh heck no! so..

My question is to you all (that avidly follow me) would you rather i have a domain that ends in .com, .net, or .tv? i want to make sure it's something easy you'll all remember and for others who visit in the future to easily remember.

Anyway! i'm making my grocery list.. as i've got to do the groceries and fill up our new fridge (it's HUGE!).. we're still not completely done with the house yet.. we're doing small things little at a time, but we're done with the major parts (painting the house etc).. so woo hoo! :)

anywho! catch you all later!

<3 Khristine


  1. yay and congratualtions on your new house. theres nothing like having your own place and its fun decorating it to your own taste.

    to answer your question, i'm not sure coz i remember your blog that way it is but if you feel like it will help others remember your blog then go for .com

  2. Hi Becky! :) yes it's so awesome decorating (i'm not that good at it lol!) but it's actually really nice now to look at furniture and all that stuff!

    yea i sort of just want my own domain name.. because i think this name is way too long.. and want it to be more of fitness/beauty than anything.. but it's all still in the works, so we'll see! :)


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