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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Very Productive Evening

So my day started out by calling in sick from work.. I think the fumes from the carpet cleaning guy cleaning and what not.. and then from all the paint in our new house.. triggered my migraines..

so i didn't come in to work today.. I was able to get a doctor's appt with the doctor who always gives me my nerve block injections in the back of my head.. and they helped tremendously.. the injection site on the back of my head and neck area is just tender/sore.. a little painful - but tolerable.

So we didn't really do much today, just finish the kitchen cabinets.. i think we're almost just about ready to move it this weekend for hubby's birthday! im really crossing my fingers!!!

we did get our new TV today and it's huge! since the previous one has pooped out on us being all pixelated when you're watching on it..

So yea, even though i was supposed to be resting.. i was fixing up  my new house, i want to move in soo badly.. lol.. cause once im settled in, the plan is study study study like crazy.. and of course do some simple make-up look tutorials for you all, and share my weight loss journey tips with you all!

which i do want to let you all know that i am going to be moving over to a new website as soon as i find/make up a catchy name for it.. it's going to be fitness/health/make-up/beauty based.. sharing my personal tips/tricks.. budget beauty looks- using drugstore brands.. as well as looks using higher end brands like mac, urban decay etc etc.. but i will also be reviewing some other products for my mommy website - like baby products/mom approved items etc.. :) so it's going to be real neato! i hope so that is!

:) hope you like my idea - and i hope you all will stick around.. welcome to my newest followers! I have so much in store for you guys when i reach 100 followers! hopefully i'll have moved to my new website! if not - this place will do lol.. :) okay

well it's off to bed for me, my head is still extremely sore from the injections.. and i have work early in the AM.. i think we're going to have nursing students follow us around today.. so we'll see!

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