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Thursday, June 17, 2010

MAC :: To the Beach Collection Haul & Swatches

Wanted to bump this post up because I finally have added pictures/swatches of my haul etc.. ;) hope you like it! i'm still wanting to go back for Hipness blush, Float on By Eye Kohl and Lazy Day lipstick.. which are most sold out online - need to check at my local counter!

MAC :: To the Beach Collection
Officially Released in US: 05/27/2010

above photo taken (customers were using the eyeshadows missing in pix:
Humid, Shimmermoss, Sweet & Punchy)

This collection features tons of beautiful, summery, bright bold colors as well as a bronzer collection.

  • Firecracker
  • Sweet & Punchy
  • Sand & Sun
  • Shimmermoss (Permanent)
  • Humid (Permanent)

Eye Kohls:
  • Float on By
  • Rosemary & Thyme

  • Lazy Day
  • Fun-bathing
  • Thrills
  • Beach Bound

  • Easy Lounger
  • Flurry of Fun
  • Splashing

  • Life's a Breeze
  • Temperature Rising

Powder Blushes:
  • Hipness
  • Get-Away Bronze
Creme Bronzers:
  • Beach Bronze
  • Weekend

High Light Powder:
  • Marine Life
Lustre Drops:
  • Pink Rebel
  • Sun Rush
Bronzing Powder:
  • Golden
  • Refined Golden
Bronze Body Oil:
  • Glowing
  • 130 (Permanent in US stores)
  • 131 (Repromote)

So yes, I'm late posting this lol.. but I thought it'd still be a good idea to put this up their for those that aren't aware of the collection (those that don't really collect MAC etc).. 

What I got from this collection (Haul pix soon!) was the Marine Life highlight powder that everyone is going goo-goo gaga over lol.. it's absolutely beautiful though, it sucks that some people have only purchased that sole item to sell it for $50+.. CRAZY! lol.. 

I also decided to get the Creme bronzer in beach bronze, I liked the feel of it, only thing was for me that it didn't really do anything for me.. was like a highlighter i guess, but i already have a highlighter and don't even use it as much anyway.. so i decided to exchange it for Get-Away Bronzer blush.. I did want Hipness, but the MA said it was so similar marine life and i think i have some other blushes that are similar to it.. if not i think i might get it if they still have it this weekend lol.. 

I already had Thrills Lipstick, Humid Eyeshadow.. I skipped Sun & Sand, because i don't really like matte's that much.. and when i swatched it - it didn't really wow me.. and took a lot for me to get some color to show on my skin.. I also skipped Shimmermoss eyeshadow because it's too similar to Steamy i think (for me at least).. 

but I did get Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow.. I was going to get Lazy Day, but decided to skip it because i felt i had kind of similar lipsticks to it (Creme Cup, Way to Love, Maybe Viva glam gaga etc).. and i skipped splashing because on my lips, it looked exactly like Ample Pink (might not be the same for you).. so I skipped it.. I also skipped Flurry of fun.. don't know why.. just wasn't so thrilled about it.. But I did get Easy's nice to use by itself as i have pigmented lips.. it's great for a daytime look with easy/light eyeshadows.

I may still return for Hipness, and perhaps one of the powder bronzers.. not quite sure yet.. hmm maybe even the lustre drops lol.. who knows! but if you have this collection (or anything from this collection) what is your favorite?

EDITED: Added pictures of my haul!
(L-R) Top: Firecracker e/s, Sweet & Punchy e/s
Beach Bronze Creme Bronzer, Easy Lounger l/g

I did return the creme bronzer, because it really did nothing for me.. lol.. and instead got Get-Away Bronze blush.

Sweet & Punchy E/s

(L-R) Sweet & Punchy, Sharp (From Tempting Quad)

Top: Sweet & Punchy, Bottom: Sharp

They are slightly similar, for those that don't really mind the difference - which isn't very noticable, so real good dupes for one another.. but Sweet & Punchy has more shimmers to it. overall great colors though!

Firecracker E/S

Easy Lounger L/G - Love it! :)

Marine Highlight Powder *drool* 

I love this blush! :)

So that's pretty much it - I already have Humid, eyeshadow and like mentioned steamy or talent pool is sorta close to shimmermoss so i didn't get it.. 

i am really lemming Hipness blush, but keep reading if you have marine life you don't need it... but AHH still want it.. 

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