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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FLIRT! it Girl of the Week! :: Review/Swatches

Oh My gosh! Am I really excited to tell you all about this! I actually won Something online! LoL! okay - so yes, I rarely ever win anything - and usually if I do, something always comes up! So, on twitter, FLIRT! Cosmetics (@FLIRTItGirl) - which if you are not following them - YOU NEED TO! they post so many chances to win items! 

They happened to tweet:
"want to be a FLIRT! It Girl and win $75 worth the cosmetics? Reply with a twitter picture of your best makeup look"
And I did, I thought, what the heck, why not! so i tweeted them a picture of me.. and low and behold a few days later I get a direct message from them saying I was the FLIRT it Girl of the week and to claim my prize! I was like - OMG! really!? so of course as soon as i found out, i immediately responded.. and was contacted by sweetheart Nora! she was such a pleasure to speak with!

A few days later I got a box on my doorstep (don't you love getting goodies when you get home from a long and hectic day of work?!) and to my surpise.. I Just knew!! :) You have no Idea how thrilled I was!

My Goodie Suprise Box & another package

The Goods in all it's Glory :)

FLIRT! it Curl - Lash Curling Mascara

Lipglosses (L-R): Moonlight Spice, Plum Delicious, Twisted Berry, Zippy Ginger, Cherries Jubilee

Swatches: Sorry My camera totally washed out the colors.. I had other Lip swatches, but since my camera is major poop, the colors are all just looking the same..

Moonlight Spice :: Extremely fruity Smell (which i LOVE!)
It's a clear gloss, that has a hint of shimmer - that you can barely tell. It gives my lips a nice dewy look, makes it look natural. It's not sticky, and not heavy/cakey feeling on the lips, like some MAC Lipglasses. 

This had more of a plumy/chocolate smell to it, very sheer plum colored. my lips are pigmented as it is, so
this sort of just made them stand out just a tad bit. Lovely color to wear alone.

this also has a lovely smell to it - candy like. The colors are so sheer, but this one is a bit more color to it than moonlight spice and a lot more shimmer on my lips.

Also great smell, still sheer, but more darker color than the rest, still great to wear alone. This reminds me of MAC Lavender Whip or Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle. Very pretty and unique color!

This one is very cherry colored, but still sheer. Great to just use to add a hint of color on the lips. No shimmer, but has amazing shine! 

My overall thoughts on the lipglosses are they are all such sheer colors, which are great - you can wear them alone for an everyday look/something simple and subtle.. or you can layer them over your favorite lipsticks! they smell amazing. they aren't sticky whatsoever - which i'm a big fan of! A few of the glittery ones, i can do without, but i definitely see myself using them! especially during the summer days ahead at the beach! They do last quite a while - so that's definitely a plus! The thing I love about ALL the lipglosses are that they are very moisturizing almost like a chapstick! So i'd defintely pick up some more of their lipglosses and recommend them to anyone who is thinking about their lipglosses!

I still have yet to try the mascara, but I will and let you all know how i like it! :) love the pink packaging though. If you'd like to check out their products, you can visit their website here:

** I was given these products as a gift/prize. I was never asked to do a review. This review was all on my own and are my honest thoughts and opinions. I am in no way affiliated with the company. All products were reviewed in all honesty as I will always do **


  1. Congrats girl! Love it when twitter companies offers cool giveaways and contests like this! Love the swatches!

  2. Thanks hun! yes it's awesome a lot of companies offer such cool giveaways!~ thanks for stopping by!

  3. Cutest mascara packaging! I like the way you showed the swatches too, super cute :D

  4. @Robyn - Thank you hun! :) I thought it'd be nice to show everyone at least the colors since they are really sheer on my lips! (and my camera sucks lol!)


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