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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Major Migraine!

First & Foremost - Hello to all my newest followers! thank you for joining me! :)

I'll have to backtrack a bit, since a lot has gone on! but i did want to post some FOTD's and practice my looks.. since i've been feeling my skills are crummy lately.. don't know if it's just me.. the brushes i use or what.. i feel like my blending skills are major suckage lately..

Anywho!.. backtrack to Tuesday.. After work (I get out at 12:30PM).. I had an appointment with a carpet cleaner - who was referred to me by my co-worker (Thanks Iris!).. who was to do the carpet upstairs of my new home.

The carpet is a light cream/beige color.. and well when the previous owners left it - it was well, quite dirty.. but mind you the carpet is about almost 19 years old i believe.. so yes it may not be a brand spanking new house, but overall the house is in great condition.. and it is my first home (not apartment, etc - so i'm real proud of this accomplishment for my husband and our little family)..

But anywho, it took him about 3 hours to clean the carpet, and in that time.. My mom came over to finish painting the kitchen.. she brought my Aunt and My Aunt's Boyfriend.. which they also helped paint and fixed the wood flooring in the kitchen that needed repair...

I guess from all the working in the heat, the fumes from the carpet cleaning and the paint.. it triggered my freaking migraine! So Tuesday night I was definitely out of commission and was no way in shape to go to work.. I did call in sick - did feel bad, but seriously I just could not function..

So Wednesday Morning - after I called in sick.. I also made an appointment with the Doctor as it was time for my bi-monthly/monthly Nerve block injection into the back of my head. I get this to ease the pain of my migraines as they can get quite severe.. I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia .. pinched nerve.. it is the freakin' worse ever.. so the injection/nerve block i get in the back of the head helps to relieve the pain momentarily.. but when it wears off (for me at least).. The migraines come back.. with a VENGEANCE! and this is what i think happened.. triggered from tuesday..

Well- the doctor told me he got some new needles.. thinner, longer ones - so he'd be able to go in deeper.. well i didn't think anything of it.. and he offered to put me off wednesday and thursday.. but i said just wednesday is fine i think i'd be okay to return thursday.. after my shot.. went home - rested.. since the pain was kind of gone - decided to work on the house a bit.. as well as do some errands..

I guess by the end of the night, (since he mixed the injection with an anesthetic) the medication - just for numbing) started to wear off.. and seriously thought my head was going to fall off my shoulders.. the pain was so freakin unbearable.i could not move the next morning.. not to mention the tossing and turning..

So needless to say - had to call in thursday as well - how embarassing i know!.. i called the doctor and he asked if i was alright and asked if i wanted friday off as well and i thought okay - he's spoilin' me! lol jk! no he's a real awesome doctor and did really recommend me just resting (he even said i need to get a massage!).. but he was so kind as to extend my work note..

the migraine isn't as bad - i'll still get break through pain..but it's tolerable.. but the soreness/tenderness of the neck/back of head is what bothers me..

of course at work - i was moving and walking with stiff neck - so it wasn't a pretty site lol.. but i managed (thankfully).. and i was so glad to come home to my hubby and our girls.. made me feel tons better..

it's hubby's birthday now (since it's officially saturday and June 12).. so i managed to assemble the coffee table that hubby bought.. omg took me 3 damn hours to assemble the darn coffee table - but i must say it looks freakin amazing! :) im so proud of myself haha!

well i better get to bed, i'm going to force myself to go to the gym no matter how much in pain i am.. because i did do some blood tests today and the results weren't as good as i was hoping.. so got to really kick my butt into gear and eat even more healthy!

So goodnight everyone! have a great weekend!

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