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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby + Fixin' up the Housie

So today was such a chill day. It's My husbands Birthday.. and we started it out at the gym of course - His favorite place to be! we spent like 2-3 hours at the gym.. he was playing basketball.. we drove separately so that i could go a bit later.. so technically he stayed there for 3 hours.. i stayed there for probably 1.5 hours..

Then we got home, and My mother in Law and I, went to pick up some food for lunch for us to celebrate Hubby's Bday.. unfortunately My camera is acting up - so no pictures (I know- major fail lol).. My husband is such a chill person - he just wanted to relax with family.. and basically that's what we did today..

we picked up lunch for him, got him a cake from coldstone's.. and we all enjoyed it :)

afterwards, we went to Lowe's to pick up some items needed for the house before we can move in.. (i really was looking forward to moving in tonight and sleeping in my new bed lol).. but we have a few things we need to do before we can..

so.. while we were at lowe's we looked at a few refrigerators in our price range..and are still kinda shopping around.. but hopefully we'll get one soon lol..

So we managed to remove the plastic from the couch that we purchased from living spaces.. and then brought over the temporary couch we're borrowing from his parents.. and last night i managed to assemble this heavy and complicated coffee table lol (took me 3 freaking hours ALL BY MY DARN SELF LOL!) .. but the place is actually starting to look like a home..

we just sorta hung out.. then just an hour ago - removed the plastic from our cal king bed and all four of us (Hubby, girls & Myself) layed on the bed.. my goodness - it was like laying on a cloud.. too bad we can't sleep on it tonight lol.. but looking forward to it soon! going to buy sheets tomorrow - so excited!

i don't really have much to report on today.. just that i've been really contemplating on a name for my blog.. since i've been thinking about getting my own domain etc etc..

because i know for most - (when i tell them my blog/youtube) they're like - omg that's so long! lol... my bad haha.. when i originally made this blog - my husband helped me name this.. since i'm just so freakin' random and do lots of random things.. with fitness/beauty/and just stuffs! lol.. it fit the bill at the time..

but i'm unsure what i wanna do.. lol.. HELP! lol.. i need a good name..

would it bother you if my domain ended in something other than .com... like .net, .org, .me.. etc?

the darn name i did want.. is taken .. not being used.. but unavailable and for sale for $2,488!! lol wtf wtf! so i'll have to think of other names.. lol.. if you have some ideas - i'd love to hear them!

i'm still also on the hunt for a new digital camera.. hmmm any ideas/recommendations? :)

alright everyone .. goodnight! Tomorrow will be a SUPER busy day for sure.. going to install our office desks.. remove the old toilets and install new ones (yay lol).. and perhaps if possible install the rest of the blinds/curtains.. do some mad cleaning on the kitchen even though i did.. vaccuum..

i'm itching to film some new videos/reviews etc.. but need new camera AHH i want to do it in my new bright room loL! AHHokay better get off the comp lol!


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