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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just a couple of Looks + Lazy Monday

Yesterday I didn't blog, because I was SO extremely busy at work that When I got home I was super tired.. Luckily when I got home, Hubby had brought me a quick dinner on his way home since he was starving too lol.. so I was thrilled for dinner!

We were all so tired from the days work.. that we just washed our new Cal King Sheets and after they dried, walked them over to the new house and put them on :) all four of us (Hubby, Our Girls & Myself) layed in the Cal King.. man was it like laying on a cloud.. i did not want to leave haha!

but we had things to do.. Since we bought a fridge on Sunday it was going to be delivered on Tuesday (this morning).. so we had to prepare getting everything ready.. like getting the old fridge's model number.. which the previous owners who left it SPRAY PAINTED the white fridge a metallic silver (lol).. anywho, I couldn't find the number at first.. so i just wrote down any freakin' numbers i saw..

This was My FOTD For Sunday using the Wet & Wild Palette in Pride
Dior Skin Nude in Linen
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Marine Highlight Powder for Cheeks

Wet & Wild Palette in "Pride"
Milani Liquifi Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Flirt! It Curl Lash Curling Mascara

MAC Lollipop Loving

And Then Monday - I wanted something freakin Dark and Dramatic LOL!.. so here ya go!

MAC Studio Sclupt Foundation in NC25
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Fleurry Blush

Wet & Wild Palette in "Lust"
Milani Liquifi'eye Pencil in Black
Flirt! It Curl Lash Curling Mascara

MAC Easy Lounger Lipglass

And Today is Tuesday.. I had gotten some pigments from someone on Specktra forums, (Thanks Steph!) and wanted to try them out... and i'm in quite a rush as i'm literally headed out the door for work lol.. Sorry for the lighting - my camera is actually working so had to use it! this is my first time using pigments! AHH!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC25
MAC MSFN in Medium
NARS Amour Blush
MAC Shimpagne to Highlight

MAC Gold Mode pigment (inner corner)
MAC Sweet Sienna (outer Corner/Crease)
MAC Chocolate Brown (crease)
MAC Black Line Pearlglide e/l

Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop


  1. Gah I wish I could get my hands on these W&W palettes! Stupid England. I love the darker look

  2. Beautiful FOTD's! I'm loving the looks you're doing with the W&W palettes! And who spray paints a fridge...

  3. You have really nice eyebrows!(I have a thing for eyebrows...)

  4. @Robyn - if you need a CP - let me know! they still have a lot of them last time i went

    @prettyaspeaches - Thank you doll! :) but yes.. who does spray paint a fridge?! lol it's okay - we are trading the appliance in for a rebate tee hee!

    @Hannah - thank you! my brows are actually tattoo'd but seriously fading.. need them to be retouched! :)


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