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Friday, June 25, 2010


So yesterday, I don't have much to report, just that i went to work as usual.. my cough has gotten progressively worse lol.. and not to mention i've had coughing attacks WHILE i'm trying to talk to my patient.. it sucks that i had to work all day like that because we're short staffed and so they couldn't let me go home.. even though you could just tell i needed to..

but anywho.. it first started as Jasmyn being sick, then got me sick.. now everyone is sick lol.. since they didn't let me go home early yesterday, now i have to take today off to take my little one to the doctors.. so since i'm off today, i'm just going to try to get a lot of things done around my house!

i'm also going to finally be able to look at the darn manual for my camera and play with it LOL! because i've been so sick, busy and tired that i haven't even had a chance to! .. but anywho!

I'm so glad it's friday.. because that means weekend! Although I'm not going to IMATS :( (i'll just live vicariously through everyone elses pictures and hauls lol) im just excited to get to be with my family and work on our home! there are little things here and there we are still finding that we need.. but i'm so excited it's all actually coming together!

this morning while i was doing dishes.. i didn't even notice it there until it grazed my hand! it was a freakin cockroach!! lol.. ummm nasty it was so huge haha! and i screamed a silent scream.. because i'm losing my voice and throat is sore and i didn't want to wake up the girls LOL!

what a morning lol.. anyway - i'm off to rite aid to get some medicine for the little one.. and then who knows while i'm there pick up some other things *cough* NYC blushable creme sticks if they have it.. also need to go to target to purchase the other side of the curtain lol (silly me only bought one! - i seriously thought it had two drapes in there).. and i was to do a custom purchase for someone anyway - so have to go there..

i still would like to go to the mall to go to MAC and see if they have anything left from the TTB collection lol - i doubt it, but i'd just like to browse.. maybe even purchase their Cleanse off oil, fix + spray and try out their wipes.. lol

i do want to try out lush - i've heard so many great things about them.. will see though not sure.. alright - time to get ready for the day!

P.S. I'm still trying to figure out what blogging platform i will use on my new website.. and still in a debacle with the name lol.. i don't wanna put it out there in fear someone would steal it before i got a chance to get it LOL!

anywho - ttyl!

<3 Khristine

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