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Monday, July 26, 2010

FOTD :: A little Hello Kitty Togetherness

Lol I know that i'm always wearing purples, but what can I saw - i LOVE that color! :)

so today i wore my Hello Kitty Scrubs (these are my other faves to wear when I wear purple).. :) and decided to curl my hair today (if you're wondering, yes I did cut my hair/bangs)..

but i used MAC's In the Groove Togetherness Mineralized eyeshadow trio..

Korres Face Primer
Stila One Step Foundation in Tone
MAC MSFN in Medium

MAC Well Dressed Blush on Apples of cheeks

Nars Smudgeproof Primer
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Togetherness Mineralized e/s trio
Covergirl Liquiline eyeliner in Blackfire
Flirt! Cosmetics Lash-a-delic Mascara in Black
FLirt Cosmetics Mascara in Violet Vixen

MAC Honeylove
Rimmel Eastend snob lipliner

Application Steps:

I first applied my nars smudgeproof primer with a MAC 242 Brush. I then took the other side of that brush and took some MAC Painterly Paint pot and applied it all over the lid (up to crease only)

I then took a shader brush and sprayed MAC Fix+ and took MAC Togetherness Eyeshadow (lilac) and pat it gently on the inner corner and tear duct area. I then took that same brush flipped it over, sprayed MAC Fix+ again and took the Grey side of the eyeshadow and put that on the remainder of the eyelid, blending it in with the Lilac color. 

I then took my new Crowne brush C200 crease brush and sprayed it also with MAC Fix+, got the Dark Purple from the MAC togetherness trio and applied that onto the crease/outer corner of the eyelid and just blended away.

I then took a Fluffy brush and applied MAC Jest e/s to my highlight/browbone area and blended any harsh edges.

I then applied my eyeliner only to the upper lashline. I took a smudger brush and wet it with MAC Fix+ Spray and picked up the dark purple from the MAC Togetherness trio and put that on the lower lashline. I then Curled my eyelashes and applied the mascara (the lash-a-delic first then the violet vixen)

I'm trying out this new foundation sample i got that i picked up yesterday. I used a MAC 109 Brush to pick up some Stila One Step Foundation and buffed it into the skin (a little goes a long way). I then Applied MAC MSFN with a MAC 134 brush.

For Blush I used the ELF Studio Blush brush and applied MAC Well Dressed on the apples of my cheeks and then just continued from the cheeks upwards to the temples.

Just applied MAC Easy Honeylove lipstick.

Hope you all liked it!


  1. I love it<3 you look so pretty! I really want to try Rimmel Eastend snob lipliner=)

  2. thanks hun! :) it's a pretty liner! i originally used it for Lady Gaga lipstick - but it looks atrocious on me.. and i figured i'd pair it with honeylove lol ;)

  3. so pretty! also really love your hair

  4. Definitely agree with the other ladies. So pretty and versatile for day or night look.

  5. The blending is so beautiful, I love it. The colors are perfect!

  6. Thank you everyone! :) you're all too kind!


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