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Monday, July 26, 2010

Got My AWESOME Goodies from Krystle's Giveaway!

I have received my goodies from Krystyle's 100+ Follower Giveaway! I don't really enter into giveaways only because i normally never win anything or something happens lol! But I was truly in shock when I got the e-mail from Krystle that I had won her giveaway!

And I wanted to check to make sure! and I read it on her blog when she posted the Giveaway Winner - I had barely just changed my username (hence why it still says RandomnessWithKhris) but it's still me regardless!

So I wanted to show you all the goodies that i had received! It was so neatly packaged and bubblewrapped! and I got a cute little note from Krystle too! So here are some pix of what i won!
The Package :)

My Little Note (LOVE Krystle's Writing!)

View of Everything, Wrapped neatly & securely

MAC Blush <3

ELF Quad (Fits MAC e/s)

L'oreal HIP Cream Crayons

Nail Polish!! (i'm wearing the orange one this week!)

Crowne Brush - c200 - lovely - it's SOOO
fluffy and so freakin' soft! :) used it today
and it's SOOO amazing! :) love it!

Sorry it took me so long to post this, but I truly wanted this to have it's own separate post! :) I'm so excited and ecstatic that I won! I love all the products that I won! Krystle is SUCH a sweetheart! she communicated with me throughout the whole entire process. I'm so glad that I followed her blog ever since she started blogging! she's amazing and very talented beauty! so you need to follow her if you're not (what are you waiting for?) 

thanks again for all my awesome goodies! I can't believe how lucky I was! I'm so excited that I'm looking forward to my own giveaway! (only 10 more followers needed!) :)


  1. I'm glad nothing got damaged =)

  2. me too! but you packaged everything extremely well, so no suprise everything is in perfect condition! :) thanks again love!

  3. Nice items you got...Love all of it...


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