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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Fitness Inspiration!

So the other day, when My husband, my brother in law and our friend Wayne, went to the gym this past saturday.. they decided to take our Flip Mino HD to record some footage of themselves workin' out!

My brother in law Jay is such an amazing photographer, video editor and he's so artsy fartsy i love it haha!

but he made this video teaser and thought i'd share it with all of you!

My husband is wearing the dark/navy blue cut of t-shirt, my brother in law is wearing i think a grey shirt.. and the guy wearing the white t-shirt is wayne (their buddy)..

hope you like the short clip! you can see why my husband is my inspiration, he works hard for it! and if he can do it, he always tells me so can i! :)  he's the main reason i was able to lose 20lbs! it's always great to have an idol/inspiration figure to help push you through and motivate you through your weightloss/fitness journey!

test osterone from Jay Talactac on Vimeo.

let me know what you all think ;) (My Hubby is in the Dark/Navy Blue shirt, the little girl at the end, is our youngest daughter jas) :)

p.s. i'll be in the next video when they decide to do it again haha ;)

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