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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch with Some amazing ladies at Veggie Grill

So yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Jessika, Nicole, Tatiana, Ingrid & Angie at the Grove. April had originally set this up for us - but she was unable to make it (we missed you April!) but definitely we all have plans to do this again!

We ate lunch at the Veggie Grill. It was my first time there - I ended up ordering the Santa Fe Chicken sandwich with Sweetheart Fries (SO yum) - it was the the perfect meal as I was starving from trying to look for the place.

This is the only picture that I have of all of us girls together (shame on me i know - didn't take any pictures lol) Angie was kind enough to get someone to snap a few pictures of us - lol the lady who took our picture did not know how to operate an iphone - so she took numerous photos of us.. and this is the winning one that Angie sent to us! (Thank you Angie!) :)

L-R: Me, Ingrid, Jessika, Angie, Nikki & Tatiana

I had an awesome time! I must admit I was rather quiet most of the time - I get rather shy in front of new people lol.. but for those that know me.. know i'm super cray cray LOL.. 

Ingrid was actually blogging when i first got there - and im in her video for about like 3 seconds haha.. but here are some of the vlogging that was going on during our stay (these are not my videos btw - these are theirs from their channel - please feel free to check them out they are awesome ladies!)

LoL - you'll see me at 0:51 of Nikki's video.. im such a nerd *wave hi*

Lol @ Me next to Tatiana at 1:06 of Ingrid's Video.. 

So I had an amazing time! we talked a whole bunch.. and then wrapped it all up and went home! it was my first time going to the Grove and definitely can see myself going there more often.. loved the shops that they had in there! and will definitely take my husband to Veggie Grill as well! :) Till next time!

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