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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random Vlogging :: Field trip to the Farm...

Hello Everyone!

I actually had the courage to do a vlog (Video Blog) about my day at the Farm. Farm?! lol I know.. 

Well My two kiddies had a field trip with their preschool class to a Farm to go Strawberry picking and also looks at all the cute animals and what not. Luckily Hubby & I were not working so we were able to attend this memorable event with our children!

Hubby had to drive separately because he gets nauseous on buses and it was perfect for us in case we wanted to go home early or just wanted to leave after the field trip (which we did)

So I did a mini vlog of our trip.. it's rather short because:

 1) as i was blogging on the bus - i got super nauseous LOL
 2) i was so busy with my girls (running around on the field and what not carrying two boxes of strawberries couldn't film)

But we all had tons of fun - I decided to also add a snippet of how crazy my girls are - they always are full of laughter and always brighten up my day lol.. ;) Hope you enjoy a day in the life of MyFitBeauty as Mommy.

I wasn't able to take video during strawberry picking because I did have my hands full helping the girls pick their strawberries. But My Husband did take some pictures of us during all the fun :) Enjoy!

Let me know in the comments below, or on youtube (don't forget to like the video if you liked it!) if you like more videos like this! i loved doing this with the girls, especially at the end. You have NO idea how hard they were laughing...

anywho! enjoy the pictures!

Jasmyn always has to have her Diva moment ;p

If you watched the video - we went to Islands (we haven't had it in ages).. for lunch - was super pooped after all the fun at the farm. went home and the girls just had energy for days lol.. 

it was an awesome day spent with our girls. i hope you all enjoyed my blog about  a day in the life :p i had tons of fun making the video and editing it. my girls helped me! :) alright - till next time! toodles! 

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