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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Video :: Sigma Dry'N Shape Demo & Review vs Air Drying & Brush Guards

I'm sure plenty of you have heard about Sigma's new Brush Drying system. If you haven't and you own make-up brushes and currently are at wits end when you wash and air dry them.. you don't have to pull your hair out! 

I have read on twitter, Sigma launch this latest invention about a month ago - I did purchase this myself with my own money because I honestly dreaded when I had to wash my brushes because they'd never be ready the next day when I needed them when i was to get ready for work. 

So when I heard about this revolutionary brush drying system that guaranteed to completely dry my brushes in 4-6 hours - i was like.. I HAVE TO TRY THIS! 

I then decided to jump on the band wagon and purchase it. I was skeptical because the Sigmax Brushes (F80, F82, F84) are SO dense - those take like 2-3 days to dry when I would air dry them (with brush guards)

I did a lot of reading about this product that it did in fact dry the Sigmax brushes in 6 hours.

I did a mini Demo with washing my brushes & air drying them - some with brush guards, some with out.. and then i washed my brushes the next day testing the Sigma Shape'N Dry system.. and here is the video so you can see it live:

I must say - the video honestly does not do the Sigma Dry'N Shape justice - cause you can't really see how dry the brushes are compared to when I air-dryed them - when I air dryed the brushes.. they were Still completely wet that i couldn't use them when I was getting ready for work (only the eye brushes dryed, but still took over 8 hours to dry overnight)..

After washing - this was air drying/putting them in brush guards
Brush above - still super wet..

Eye brushes were rather dry though..

this is how i like to use the Dry N' Shape to dry my brushes

but my overall thoughts of this product:

Packaging: 4.5/5
Like I mentioned - Sigma always packages their products so neatly. The product came with really informative brochure on how to use the product and a lot of information on the product itself. I love the box that it came in - their signature 'Sigma Beauty' stamped on it. I am such a fan of their packaging and every little detail they add to make it their own. the Dry'N Shape itself is a sturdy/durable product. the black color makes it very sleek and modern and I like that you can have it hold your brushes as well if you were to travel :)

Quality: 4.5/5
Like I mentioned - extremely durable/sturdy material - at the same time the texture is just so soft! the elastic bands are also sturdy - the make is not flimsy at all. i'm sure i'll get a lot of use from this product. i'm very curious to see how long it will last before you'll notice any wear and tear. but seems very solid.

Usage: 4/5
It's quite simple to use, and they have a video on their youtube channel which i believe shows you how to use it. it comes with a little pamphlet on how to use it as well in the box it comes with. when it is brand new, it is quite difficult to put the brush in because it's so new and tight.. but otherwise - it's a breeze to use.

Overall: 4.5/5
An extremely well rounded product that really does what it promises. dries my brushes in record time. I never have to wait overnight and hope my brushes are ready for me to use when i get ready for work. I will most likely be purchasing another one only because I have so many brushes and i'd like to just wash them once and have them be done! so i definitely recommend this - especially for the price - if you have make-up brushes, hate waiting for them to dry like I do. they also keep your brushes looking like new by keeping them in shape. with the brush guards - they weren't as tight, and still would be wet in the middle that when i'd remove the brush guard - the bristles would just splay everywhere. I like that after washing my brushes - i can take them with me if i needed to use them, knowing they are clean and ready to be used!

Sigma Products:

Sigma Dry'N Shape System:
$29.00 -

FTC: This product was paid for with my own money, I was not paid to do this review, nor does it alter my view on the product. As always, my reviews are with my HONEST thoughts and opinions.


  1. Nice review. I've been using mine upside down like that too, it helps drain the water in the brushes better. I think it's a neat concept and definitely something people should try out.


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