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Saturday, July 9, 2011

IMATS 2011 Pasadena Experience/Haul

IMATS :: June 2011 

So this year was my first time ever going to IMATS! I was supposed to go last year, but Karen couldn't make it, and I didn't feel like going all by myself lol so I skipped out.. 

this year we were both determined to go no matter what - I thought it was going to be a total bust because I heard the news on twitter that they actually sold out tickets on saturday.. so i was like darn :( .. but then someone told me they had released extra tickets - so you bet your bottom i jumped on their site and purchased our tickets!

I'm so glad that I was able to go! I honestly did not know what to expect since this was my first time. I read a lot of tweets about - omg what to wear blah blah.. but seriously .. that place was WAY to crowded and hot.. i did not feel like getting too dressed up because i knew I was going to be on my feet most of the day.. and get really sweaty lol.. So I dressed comfortably and with clothes I didn't mind getting sweaty in or accidentally getting makeup on (from all the swatching etc).. 

It did help that I looked at a few websites with tips for first timers going to IMATS..and I think that really did help (although i wish i did it way earlier than the night before IMATS).. 

I looked on the website to see which vendors were going to be there, read reviews on the latest products to see if there was anything i needed. I knew that most vendors had special discounts for those attending IMATS.. and the discounts were like 30-40% off retail price - which was awesome for me!

I made a small list, had a budget and stuck by it.. and I met a lot of awesome people and had an awesome time! :) so here's what I got and i'll share some pictures below of the people i got to see! :)

Karen & I first stopped by the Sigma booth.. I was actually suprised because they weren't selling anything.. just had the some of their popular products on display.. and then you could choose from a travel E25 brush or a sample of their eyeshadows from their newest palettes.. i have way too many travel size E25 brush so i of course got the eyeshadow..

 Look it's Mz_Karen :P 

love these brushes - i own a purple set!

<3 the Dry'N Shape system!

And this is the sample that I received from their booth:
(they have 3 new eyeshadow palettes and in this sample is an eyeshadow from each palette)

And Here are some other pictures that I managed to take (I know not that many :( )

it just opened! still empty! 

Heard the eyelashes were $1.00 last year - they were $2.00each or
3 pairs for $5.00.. wanted to try them out! :D

Guess who I spotted! Elessa from

and Koren from was there! SUPER NICE!

Koren, Me & Elessa <3 they are so sweet!

Pursebuzz class for Crown Brush 101


Lol Karen and zombie

Lol me and monster dude

Me, TheMakeupSnob & Nymphette
(they were SUPER nice!) 

Me & Christina of

she was getting her makeup done (airbrushed) love the eyeshadow!

cool :D
close up

it was so crazy packed in there! random characters walking around :p

So I didn't take that many pictures.. i really kind of wanted to purchase what I needed.. and by the end 
Karen and I were SUPER tired! luckily on my way out - i was able to meet...

RissRose, Me & JLovesMac1
(Marissa, Me & Jarmaine)
They are awesome <3

Me & Judy! 
She is the SWEETEST person i've ever met!
Wish I could have hung out with you longer! <3

I did run into a few other beauty bloggers, but didn't get to take pictures with them.. but I had an awesome experience. I think for next year - I will purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale - look way ahead of time which vendors will be there, what products are hot and worth waiting in line for etc.. and then spend time looking for my friends/other beauty bloggers and make sure I take pictures! lol

anywho - here are some pictures of what I purchased/received from IMATS! I'll try to do a video on this as well soon! :)

 Lash adhesive - these were $1.00 each (single use)
wanted to try out some Miss Adoro lashes it was
3 pairs for $5.00

My First OCC Liptar in Plum & tinted moisturizer in Y2 
Liptar $10.00 
TM - $20.00 

I actually was on the hunt for a great powder foundation
and the demo the lady did on me was amazing
made me fall in love with this! have been using it and been loving it!
I think it was on sale (retails for $49.50)
I believe I purchased this for $35.00

Stopped by the Crown Brush booth for these brushes :)

First time purchasing from Model in a Bottle
this set was $35.00 (she threw in an extra make-up remover)
i've been using it so far and LOVING it!

these were the samples that I received. yes that is a boob lol
it's a stress reliever thingie.. from a plastic surgery company/vendor that 
was there giving away boobies LOL.. anywho, got a lipgloss from Napoleon Perdis
Some stuff from Senna Cosmetics and the Sigma eyeshadows as mentioned previously.. 

That pretty much completes my haul for IMATS.. I did have a great time! funny thing was - I did not vlog the whole time I was in there.. it wasn't till afterwards when we were leaving did I vlog lol.. 

We went home shortly after, and I actually had filmed a haul video and my experience.. but of course it had to record with no freaking sound.. so i had to re-record all over again.. but i ran out of time cause we had to do errands.. so as of yet I have been unable to do a video.. so i'll make one later one - it's easier for me to blog than to record and then edit a video.. 

but hope you enjoyed this blog! :) if you went to IMATS what did you purchase?


  1. BAHAHAHA! The boob is HILARIOUS! Mine was a "white" boob, last year. LOL!! I can't believe I saw you and didn't get a chance to say hello. WAH! Love your haul! I would love to see your review/thoughts on the OCC Tint.

  2. @Jessie -LOL at the boob haha.. :P im going to do a full review on the OCC Tint soon - still in the testing phase hehe :p

    @Donna Marie - :) Thank you! <3


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