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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tip Tuesday :: 4 Moves to Sexier-Looking Legs :: Total Beauty

Hi Everyone! I wanted to get your thoughts! I have mentioned this on my twitter and i think in a blog post or two previously.. that I have a lot of things planned for my blog.

Every day of the week I will be sharing something with you all - kind of like a series :) i'm going to start gradually, and based on feedback and what not - I will become more consistent!

So for Tuesday - it's my Tip Tuesday! I'll be sharing any fitness/beauty/mommy related tips I may have found and wanted to share with all of you fellow fitness/beauty enthusiasts and mommies! :) Hope you enjoy!

4 Moves to Sexier-Looking Legs:

Wish you had the legs of Sarah Jessica Parker or Jessica Biel? Or maybe just legs you'd feel confident showing off in shorts, short dresses or skirts? Yeah, us too. That's why we did some research to figure out which leg workouts for women actually work. 

See four moves to sexier-looking legs now.

So what did we find? Well, after having a candid conversation with nutrition and fitness consultant Ashley Borden, we were sold on these four exercises, which she swears are really all you need. Yes, you can get your legs looking toned, lean and dare we say it -- sexy -- by adding these four simple moves to your usual workout routine.

Don't have a routine? Now's the time to start one. How to do that? Simple: Do 15 repetitions of each of these four moves and when you're done, do two minutes of cardio. Repeat the leg workouts for women set four times -- doing cardio between each set -- in order to get gorgeous-looking legs. 

See the 4 Moves to sexier-looking legs HERE

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