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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching Up with stuff..

Sorry My posts haven't been all that interesting this past weekend - I've been pretty sick with Gastritis etc and so I haven't really been "all there" lol.

So let me just recap the weekend and everything a little bit more - and of course go over this week thus far.

Well I'll start over with Sunday - I forgot to mention that during the game, I went with my mom to this store in LA, i think it was called "Kim's Home Center" ... and i was just browsing around with her.. I love stores like this, they have all these neat and cute little gadgets for almost everything/anything you could think of!

Of course I didn't really see much I liked except these products. I don't remember where i heard of them, but the name sounded/looked familiar, and I was looking for a facial wash and decided to just try it out..

The brand is Kracie/Naive:

I got the peach and the aloe vera washes..

Had to get the matching Shampoo/Conditioner - just to try it out

They all smelled amazing! And I love that! lol.. But I did try out the peach facial wash, and i must say - it made my face feel super soft/silky afterwards.. As I was washing the soap off, i could feel my skin getting squeaky clean LOL.. it didn't burn my skin or anything - so I liked this one.. I am still going to get the Laneige facial wash though - because the samples that I had gotten, I finished and I absolutely loved how it removed my makeup completely! (which other soaps have a hard time doing)

Anyway - I forgot to mention about the time I went to Ulta.. I bought this facial cleansing sponge that I wanted to all share with you.. It's SOOO Soft! I love washing my face with this, it's not harsh and abrasive to my skin, and it gets in all the right spots (corners of the nose etc).. so this was awesome - luckily i bought 4 of them since they were like 1.50 each.. :) yay! this is what it looks like:

so yea, we just finished up sunday watching the rest of the game and hanging out with family.. lol that was that.. :) Here's a picture of my youngest daughter and I just chillin' - LOVE her "cheeeese" smiley face hehe

so next, I'll start with Tuesday..

I typically only work half-days on tuesdays, because I was hired for only 36 hours at my job.. i wish it was just the whole 40 hours sometimes, but I guess i'm really happy I do get that half-day to myself/kids/family etc.

My Package from finally arrived! i'm so excited, but wasn't feeling well enough to do the review.. I'll save that for this weekend if possible.. but anyhow..

I wasn't feeling well so I just kinda slumped around at home.. But Towards the end of the night, the pain was just getting so severe that I couldn't take it anymore and I was actually in tears from it.. Sadly to say, I had no one to watch my girls so that I could go to Urgent care (since it was after 5 and the doctor's offices are usually closed).. and My hubby was working but wasn't answering the phone there.. so i was just writhing in pain at home.. while the girls were just going nuts LOL..

but Finally hubby called home and i was bawling cause the pain was just horrible.. and so they sent him home from work, so that he could take me to the hospital.. and glad he did.. they did some blood tests - which of course came back negative.. and diagnosed me with Severe Gastritis.. so i'm not supposed to eat anything greasy, spicy, no chocolate, caffeine.. basically anything good that i like haha.. ;)

And since they gave me Phenergan (for nausea) and Morphine (for the pain) injection.. i was knocked out most of today! so i slept all of today, and woke up only to eat crackers here and there, take some antibiotics from my last trip to the doctors lol.. but otherwise feeling better..

I'm going to be doing my video review on the circle lenses that I had got from (they had asked me to do a video review if they sent me circle lenses).. I"m very much excited!

I also wanted to do another make-up tutorial.. so keep an eye out for that! ;)

Alright everyone.. till next time!

<3 Khristine


  1. Thanks Hun! I appreciate that - I've never been tagged before woo hoo! :) will do this asap - when i get home from work today!

  2. Your baby girl is so cute! aw, I like her cheesy smile too :)

    Jess Mai

  3. @Jess thanks! That is her signature smile lol!


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