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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday 2/28/10 Gym session

Hey Everyone! Today we hit the gym hard! lol.. we ended up doing Chest/Back and a little bit of legs (lol just 1 exercise).. I had gotten a couple of questions as to what Bulgarian lunges are..

Sorry this video is rather fast LOL.. but we weren't supposed to be filming and the worker bee was walking around - so i was trying to do it fast, but at the same time didn't want to go too fast so yall couldn't see..

Basically they are like regular lunges, 'cept your other leg is on a bench (or you could use a chair if you're at home).

For recording purposes, I only was holding a 10lb weight across my chest. But after this I was holding the 25lb weight.

It's like a regular lunge, but since your leg is up on the bench, and when you go down (you want your other leg - the one that is down) you want to make sure your ankle is under the knee to protect your knee and not get injured.. I feel a great stretch in my thigh that is up on the bench, and it really works out the quads (for the leg that is holding the weight) if that makes sense LOL..

so i know i only recorded one side.. well i deleted the otherside so that the video wouldn't be too long.. but you get the idea!

Hope that explains it.. I did 3 sets of 8 repetitions holding that 25lb weight (not dumbell- but you could do that with a dumbbell in each hand - but i recommend if you're new to this exercise - no weights would be just fine)..

I will update this later! gotta change my daughters poopy diapers LOL

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